The Hopeful Romantic

Every day I awaken to a brand new sunrise filling the skies with beautiful colors. Each day is completely unique and a whole new experience. As I breathe in the cool, crisp morning air, the cells of my body rejuvenate with every breath I take. The oxygen I breathe in every breath is just as unique and beautiful add the sunrise I witness every day. Nothing is ever the same. Everything I observe is brand new. Each moment throughout every day is a new discovery of awe and beauty.

It seems like the laws of physics have a built-in system to keep us from experiencing the same thing, to enliven our senses, and rejuvenate our bodies. Even the realm of quantum physics allows us to change our experiences just by observing them. Nothing is ever the same. Every piece of creation is unique and beautiful, fitting together in an evolutionary puzzle our consciousness puts together.

Yet, sometimes I feel stuck in a rut. I feel like the same thing happens (or doesn’t happen) over and over again. Am I living the same day over until I learn a lesson like Groundhog Day? I know many others are experiencing this feeling. I can feel it. I sense it in the field of energy surrounding our planet. And if you are reading this, good! Because it IS about learning lessons. And we ARE getting better! Right here, right now!

What you attract is what you create.

These experiences are based upon your attraction. However, what you attract can stem from inability or unwillingness to let go of the past, feelings of hurt, or limiting beliefs. You need to know nothing when it comes to ‘how to’ be ready for the change your heart yearns for. Just let it dissolve into the field of infinite possibilities. Let it go…

“Release that shit!”
– the man in the mirror

If you’re like me, you practice this already. Life is a process of letting go, forgiving, and loving. If you have asked why change isn’t occurring, stop! Asking questions like these manifest the same outcome. I know this from experience: you’ll probably get the answer, ‘divine timing.’

Divine timing leads us down a path where we think we have to do something or learn something to move on. It may mean we’re not ready for something yet. Well then, allow me to present an argument to the spiritual and angelic realm of our consciousness.

There is no such thing as divine timing! When we understand the nature of timing, we see how in itself, it is actually a limiting belief. I bet every spiritual medium and Angel reader is gonna eat their words with this one. This is because time is a human invention made to measure the decay of matter. It’s just that simple! We observe linear time only because matter decays.

In this quantum brain of a universe, all possibilities exist. That means every possible decay state of every piece of matter exists. All time must therefore exist at once. What we observe is a snapshot of quantum time, or a series of snapshots that play out as a movie. This is the observer effect – proven science.

What this means is that on a soul level, all of the possibilities of time are accessible in your consciousness at any given time! Divine timing is meaningless. If your heart desires to be with a kindred spirit (your soul mate or twin flame), then you can simply align your intentions with this outcome. Infinite parallel universes are making it happen, using your alignment as a guide. Simply step into the new universe. The brand new YOU.

Divine timing cancels itself out when you realize that the desired outcome is simply a shift in your conscious behavior. Be love love you need. This is why I am a hopeful romantic. It’s not about waiting for love or to meet the right person. It’s about being the right person. Whomever I met next will see that in my confidence add well as my actions. Anything that wasn’t appreciated by those I love in the past (in the human timeline) is appreciated by someone else, right here, right now. So I stop telling myself it will happen with divine timing and I start being grateful for this feeling of pure love and acceptance that I am right now!

Thank you! It is done. It is done. It is done.


“You are not leaving this house until you love yourself.”
– Sarah @Do It Girl


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