The Human Field

There is more to everything than what we know. Even when it’s about ourselves. Science is beginning to understand the true nature of our existence. Every great discovery to date has been a stepping stone on the path to knowledge.


Quantum physics has shown that an object is the most likely combination of possible states at the time of observation. An object’s components aren’t just particles – everything has wave functions. We also see how once-thought particles are actually fields. An electron occurs as a field around the nucleus – not as particles orbiting like we’re taught. It’s more like how Earth’s magnetic field surrounds the globe. Our mind becomes a field of thought and consciousness. We are not just a physical body.

As we learn more about the nature of the very small nanoscale parts of inner space, we also learn about the nature of our universe. It too is part of a bigger picture. This is where it gets good! The universe is a singularity. According to Big Bang Theory, it was unstable and inflated faster than the speed of light. This is the basis of the Big Bang, but by looking at the process, one can surmise that it must have been stable to exist in the first place. Obsolete theories of the past discussed a push-pull mechanism with the Big Bang followed by a Big Crunch. However, our universe never contracts except within physical structures like galaxies and galaxy clusters. There must be more to the picture.

There is. The singularity is part of something else. It is the field that surrounds its own nucleus. This is the Omniverse! The universe is a field. The field is part of the picture. It is pure energy flux communicating information throughout the entire fractal repeating pattern. We are not part of it – we are the whole. Every particle recognizes and communicates with the singularity that we know as the past. This is possible because time, as we know it, is simply measurement of decay. Following quantum principles, all possible states of time must exist. We only perceive time as linear!

In essence, every particle is not only the universe in its entirety, but fluxing information in and out of existence. This is the basis of the virtual particle, which everything else (matter and antimatter, forces and energies) is made of. When we understand this, we will evolve towards heightened perception of the human field – the connection with the divine. Science is the witness of this process. Science is just starting to learn – to predict, observe, measure, and repeat. This is the dawn of a new era.

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