The Illusion of Reality

Even after completing Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse, I still found myself doing even more background research.  I also found how social media is a fantastic way to search for new topics.  When I find something of interest, I post it to my Omniverse page (  My blogs are cycled through WordPress, Twitter (#GrandSlamTheory), Facebook, and kept in a feed on my home page.  I have come across a wide range of absolutely ground-breaking scientific papers as well as reality-shattering spiritual concepts.  This combination of my own scientific and spiritual self has led me right down this path.  This is why my next upcoming project is about the science of enlightenment.  Today, I’m giving a sneak peak of one of the topics I wanted to discuss in the new book.  While based on scientific research, I am going further to examine what it means to us.

One such topic was that of information exchange.  A new emergent field known as Quantum Information Theory (QIT) described a paradox of what happens at the event horizon of a black hole.  This is the point of no return where nothing – not even light – can escape its massive gravitational field.  On the surface, matter and energy are completely dissected.  For years, scientists fought with different ways of explaining whether or not information was lost – an impossibility.  String theorists describe a scenario in which an object’s parts are spread evenly across the surface of the event horizon.  Hawking hypothesized that objects went in and came out as radiation.  They may both be right. 

QIT explains how information is copied across the boundaries of the event horizon.  This is where it gets really good!  And this is also where I saw that if applied to the Omniverse, its meaning is truly profound.  As the object enters the outer event horizon, its matter is torn apart, spread across, and eventually ejected as near light speed baryon jets.  When this happens, the information that is dissected is actually copied to the inner event horizon.  This becomes part of the ‘unknown’ core of the black hole and may be detected in Hawking radiation.

In the Omniverse model I am proposing, the singularity before the Big Bang encounters a similar event horizon.  This is where it has reached a point where it can no longer return.  It is the opposite of a black hole.  It is a white hole.  When it reaches the event horizon, it becomes unstable and space literally inflates (faster than the speed of light, which doesn’t exist yet).  The Inflationary Big Bang forms within the wake of this cosmic ripple.  What we are finding now is that it is actually a holographic projection from the expanded space formed in the Big Bang! 

This space is formed on the outer event horizon surface of the white hole proposed in the Omniverse.  But similar to the black hole’s information exchange, the singularity first copied itself from the inner event horizon.  In essence, that is our universe – just a singularity a Planck length across, existing in another timeless, dimensionless reality.  This explains entanglement.  It explains attraction.  It is why all of us are the same consciousness – we just tune ourselves to different frequencies within this broad spectrum.  But the most profound idea is this: Because our universe forms as a holographic projection on the other side of the event horizon, it is an illusion!

If the universe is just an illusion, what does that mean for us?  It means that there is scientific evidence for another realm.  The spiritual.  God.  This realm is our true nature.  The holographic projection is the universe we create via our perceptions, thought, and consciousness.  And even better yet, this topic isn’t new.  This has been taught for thousands of years by the ancients.  This is maya from ancient vedic knowledge.  The Omniverse model provides a scientific framework that agrees with ancient vedic knowledge!  It also agrees with everything we know about the Big Bang, but you’ll have to get the book for that.  It is coming soon…

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The universe isn’t ending – only the way we think of it is.


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