The Information Gap – Do You Believe It’s There?

I believe that information can bring us closer to our source.  It’s both how and why I wrote Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse and my new upcoming children’s book about how we came to be.  But in the past, some of the greatest minds of all time feared continuing their work.  Why?  Many thought it brought them too close to their maker.  Such a fear, of finding the creator, actually stopped some from going forward with their work.  I, however, can not share the fear or the notion that being closer to our maker would be bad in any way.

This divide has been fueled by misconceptions of religion(s), alchemy, and science.  Perhaps it was acceptable for prophets of the past – but we all have prophetic abilities built in!  These abilities allow us the power of thought, and the reason we explore the possibilities for the creation of life, and even the universe itself.  Religion arose as a community to share abundance in early hunter-gatherer societies and allowed us to ask these questions.  But when religion had too much control over how people thought, alchemy and science became the avenues for further discussion.  The apparent gap between religion and science was created when new ideas arose that seemingly contradicted old knowledge.  The apparent gap only existed within the minds of those not willing to hear new ideas.  The new ideas were actually describing the same thing as the old ideas – how we came to be! 

Even today, new information is presented that will seemingly contradict old information even science has taught us.  So we have to decide – will science agree with new ideas?  Will we further divide ourselves based on an apparent gap, because some will hold onto older ideals and descriptions of the universe?  Even the very definition of life itself?  Those who choose to embrace the path of knowledge and are willing to study new information without bias will experience something entirely new – the Omniverse.

By going beyond where former scientists stopped, we will experience the unknown, the maker, the source, creator, or God. For religion and science were founded the same – to explain the unknown.  The misconception of science vs. religion arises in one’s mind only if that person is unwilling to take on new ideas.  In reality, the separation isn’t there – it’s imaginary!  We are simply describing the same thing in different ways.

The next step is to realize that learning more about ourselves is what we were born to do!  By doing so, it cannot take us away from the divine.  Information will never replace God.  The more information we learn only supplements the unknown, enriching our lives with an abundance of knowledge.  Therefore, new ideas can bring us closer to the source! 

To see for yourself, practice daily mediation and let your mind free.  Information comes in mysterious ways, and resolving our personal conflicts and clearing our minds will help us to visualize and understand the unknown.  Allowing unbiased willingness to debate new ideas will create a new subject of learning about our newly discovered surroundings.  For we are more that a universe and more than a multiverse – we are an essential part of the Omniverse!  For more info on the scientific proposal of the Omniverse model, you can download the white paper for free at  For information on the upcoming books, follow us at

Peace, Love, and Knowledge!


Image: The web of dark matter across the universe that holds together the structures of matter – solar systems, galaxies, and galaxy clusters (more info in my previous blog, Untangling the Web of Dark Matter).  From Center for Cosmological Physics/U Chicago

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