The Key to Enlightenment

Perched atop a high peak in a remote part of the world and isolated from society, a wise master meditated as he quietly sat with the most beautiful view of the valley below. The calm breeze gently went by as he sat undisturbed by his surroundings. He would go out of body to travel the universe, and he walked with angels and deities. He was perfectly centered, aligned, and at peace. His intuitive powers were so great that he was always attuned with his higher self, the angels, and God. He had reached the pinnacle of oneness with all that is.



How many of us have this image in our head when we think of enlightenment? What if I told you that it actually has nothing to do with the process? Rather, this typical image conjured up by the masses actually detracts from enlightenment by putting conditions and expectations. People tell me that they wish they could be enlightened, if only they were centered and at peace with themselves. Not that those are bad things—just not necessary. You don't need an endpoint. There is no magic place you reach where all of a sudden you are enlightened.

There is no secret ingredient in the secret ingredient noodle soup.

You make your own barriers (unless you don't). Expectations of a certain outcome such as enlightenment are a good example of a barrier. Expectations will narrow your window of opportunity by allowing you to perceive only what you are anticipating. Do you often find yourself saying 'if I had this, then that could happen?' The endpoint is a symptom of placing expectations on yourself. So wouldn't it be in your best interest to release and let go of expectations, embracing the uncertainty and allowing infinite possibilities to open up for you right here and now? There is no endpoint. And it's good to know, isn't it?


Here's the thing that nobody tells you. Not religion. Not science. Not even spirituality. You are constantly being bombarded by distractions that lead to your conditions and expectations. Just take a look at all of the authors out there speaking about how you can hear messages from your angels or develop psychic abilities. The truth is, they're just trying to run a business. There's no harm in what they're doing, but for you and me, as we listen to their teachings, we romanticize the idea of developing our abilities. Like these are all steps to becoming enlightened. Nope. They're distractions that take you away from it. I'm not saying not to talk to angels or develop your intuition. Do it if it makes you feel good on a soul level. Just know that you are holding yourself back by side-stepping the real you. You don't need these things. They exist whether or not you are tapping into them. And they are always in use in the background of your own personal operating system.

Enlightenment is simply knowing that this process is already working within you. You are the universe as a whole expressed exponentially throughout every single grain of your existence after all. Anything is possible. Everything is working in your favor to create the life you are manifesting with your innermost thoughts. These things are automatic. Wait excuse me for a second while I go wind my heart up so it can beat for another couple minutes. Gotta keep the blood pumping. Oh wait, we don't have to think about that do we? Just like your own heartbeat controlled by your autonomic nervous system, every single process of the underlying energy of the universe is running in your background. There is no need to take the wheel when autopilot is working perfectly. Just enjoy the ride. Know that everything is working in your favor. The rest comes naturally!

Another thing we often do is to externalize things. Again, this removes us from the connection that's already there. If you are getting messages from your loved ones or angels, if you are seeking your soul mate or twin flame, what you are telling the universe is that these things are over there somewhere. But they're right here! Why separate yourself from the truth? Even if you don't see or hear them, you are one with everything. You are consciousness. You are love. And love connects all things. Consciousness flows through everything. Your thought is a stream of consciousness. It doesn't matter what identity you choose to give to any particular thought. It all comes from the same source. And that is completely within you. When you listen to yourself, you listen to the universe.

And doesn't that mean that in order to experience enlightenment you need to silence the mind? Again, no. Listen to the mind. Even of you're an overthinker like me (hehe we are one). Because this is where our lessons come from. And the lessons revealing themselves is what allows breakthroughs to happen. And these ah-ha moments can and do lead to perfect clarity. It's a process. Life is what guides you. So let the mind run as long as it wants, and when it tires itself, that is when you experience stillness. Not by focusing on stillness or quiet. Because when you try to quiet the mind, you are actually telling the universe to push away stillness by placing this condition upon yourself. And that's perfectly ok, because you can always go back to the paragraph where you learned that it is an unnecessary step.

It's a process. It's automatic. It's already within you. What more do you need to know? Some may even say that breaking down these barriers makes enlightenment a destructive process. Nope. The barriers aren't real. They were simply constructed by you based on your environment. You may have built walls of beliefs within your mental construct, and you can just as easily take them down, block by block. Just know that conditioning itself is a natural process. We experience other peoples' beliefs. We indoctrinate ourselves to what we think to be correct based on the absolute best knowledge we have available at the time. And that does change as more information becomes available. And it will. Science, religion, and spirituality all have good aspects, and the more adaptable the system, the more likely it will open the door to increasing awareness of all that is. And remember, all of the answers are already inside you. That's enlightenment. It IS the key. You are here to unlock the answers. There, now you have your next step.

Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.


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