The Language of the Universe

I receive inspiration everywhere, and I allow miracles to happen through me! Tonight, I am sharing the miracle of infinite knowledge after being inspired by random posts on this subject. First, about me – I am a scientist. I am a logical thinker. So you might think I would subscribe to a certain set of beliefs (or nonbeliefs) that others do. I do not. I stand alone in my perspective, and I bring this new perspective to the world to understand. This is about changing the way we think about things. Plain and simple. You see, in every moment there is something that can go unrecognized. In every moment, there is something waiting to be discovered! So wouldn’t you want to be open to discovering something new?


Here’s the old way of thinking from the minds of logical people, and I am going to show you how this is actually a limiting beleif. “The language of the universe is mathematics.” Seems right, doen’t it? It is logical. We can even back this claim with emperical evidence. But it’s not accurate. This is why I say to change your perspective, change your universe! Mathematics simply cannot be the language of the universe, because it is actually a human construct used to describe what we observe. Simply, it is a universal HUMAN language. Moreover, it forces us into a linear way of thinking. Mathematics isn’t perfect. It’s a rough fit at best. For example, Euclidian geometry (lines, triangles, squares, circles, etc.) is used to express our mathematics in ways to describe the structures in nature. But nature doesn’t follow Euclidian geometry. It’s just an approximate way to describe nature. Nature follows fractal geometry – a whole different kind of mathematics. In fact, if you were to draw a line anywhere in the universe, it could never be straight. Everything in the universe is built upon curved dimensions – there are no straight lines!

So by using the linear way of thinking, we limit our abilities to perceive. The limitation becomes engrained in our subconsciousness as a program, or beleif. This is exactly how we program ourselves to beleive in God, but on the level of the laws of physics. Guess what. These concepts are part of your higher consciousness! God and the laws of physics are not external – we’re simply programmed to beleive certain things the way that we see them. Nothing is external. Let me say that again. NOTHING IS EXTERNAL. Everything in the universe expresses itself as a projection from a single point particle (the pre-Big Bang singularity). Every seemingly separate component in this vast creation is simply an expression of one Big Bang! Everything you are made of contains trillions upon trillions of little Big Bangs. Simply, you are the universe. This is yours to discover! Find it in yourself. Find God. Find the laws of physics. Forget about your beliefs and see what you were not able to see. This is oneness!

Another linear way of programming we can overcome is that of time. We see everything with a start and finish. The Big Bang happened 13.82 billion years ago. But if we remove our linear belief system, we can see that all possibilities of time exist. The Big Bang is happening right now! This is the evolution of human consciousness. In our physical reality that we perceive, our subatomic components decay, giving us measurable time. But what are these components really? Simply, everything is an underlying energy. A vortex of energy with varying symmetries can make a virtual particle. The virtual particle can be matter or antimatter. Matter can be a quark or a lepton. Quarks can combine to form protons and neutron. Leptons can be protons or electrons. These are all different flavors of energy. This is what you really are. You are energy.

And what is this underlying energy of the universe? In physics, it is hypothesized that the four fources of the universe (electromagnetism, weak and strong nuclear, and gravity) are also flavors of a single underlying energy. Using a warped fifth dimension, gravity’s strength can be shown to be as strong as the other three, leading to the possibility that all four could be expressed as this underlying energy. This is everything the universe is. Energy makes all of the matter, antimatter, and forces of the universe. You are this universe. So, if you were to use your highest consciousness to create this universe (hint: you do this without thinking about it!), what would you do to shape this energy? How would you make the virtual particles decide to be matter? How would you make the quarks attract? How would protons, neutrons, and electrons attract eachother? On a conscious level, the underlying energy becomes attraction. Underlying energy becomes attraction. What does attraction mean to you? How do we attract on a human level? We love. So, by abandoning our linear way of thinking and creating a new perception, we can see ourselves and everything in the universe as an expression of love! How powerful is that? The real language of the universe is love! It is everything! Most importantly, it is what you ARE.

You are whole. You are fulfilled. You are enough. You are the universe. You are love! As the universe, you express yourself using love as the language. Simply, you let miracles happen through you.

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Change your perception, change your universe.

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