The Little Box of Secrets

Last night’s Living as Love unveiled how we release and let go of expectations, freeing ourselves of the perceptual bars we entrap ourselves within. We simply observe. By observing, we become an active part in the creation of our Big Bang. We see how the universe is the projector in a movie theater with our lives playing out on the screen as we watch and enjoy some popcorn. Guess what… Something else is about to pop! I’m going to show you how to take the observer effect to the next level so you can actively manifest love, abundance, intuition, or anything you need to serve your higher purpose.


This theater will be your viewing room and editing room for your life. You are not only observing, but you will be directing. Your cast is a never ending line-up of parallel universes. Each universe is a possibility of any outcome, any moment of your life. So now we’re going to have a little exercise. And at any time of the day you can go back into this exercise to change the outcome. A little background : You are a timeless eternal consciousness – an underlying energy of love that pervades all space throughout the universe and impregnates matter and forces to evolve into self aware living beings. That means you have the power! Nothing is beyond your reach. And here’s why.

Start viewing your life as it is acting out. Use the perceptual position of yourself in the theater as the observer. Notice how your life plays out. There are happy moments and sad moments. But here’s the catch: When we have sad moments in movies we watch on tv at home, do we pause the sad moments? Or do we let it play through to get to the happy ending? Does this scenario sound familiar? Think about how this has come up in the past for you, Here’s part of the ego trap we create for ourselves when we are not in our power. How many times have we taken ourselves out of the present moment by thinking about how things happened in the past? Unpause! Our perception is designed to let our lives play through as a timeline, so it is important not to pause moments so we live in the past.

But we can pause anytime we want to step into the observer seat. Think of yourself as you make a decision. Now pause and float out from the screen into the seat in your theater. Now picture yourself on the screen as you are about to make this decision. Now let’s make the screen interactive. What are the possible outcomes? Give your screen the jukebox look, and scroll through the options. The right option is going to come to you because it will be the perfect decision that aligns you with the highest and best good, allowing you to work toward your divine purpose in life. As you scroll, simply let this option show itself to you. And when you see it, it will be at the perfect time. Notice how this option is more vivid and colorful. Now click on this option and let it expand full screen. Now simply float back into your body on the screen and let the movie keep playing.

Make this a standard practice and notice how things in life become easier for you. Notice how manifesting love and abundance become second nature. Notice how your intuition improves. This is natural! This is simply a hidden feature in our operating system. Want to know how it works (other than the fact that you just demonstrated it)? Our universe is a singularity – a point particle containing all energies. But it is part of a bigger system. The singularity is projected into a holographic universe. There are infinite possibilities in this system according to quantum mechanics. This manifests itself as parallel universes. This is a little known fact about our universe. Even though parallel universes are scientifically accepted, they are typically described as separate. But they are not. In fact, nothing is. It’s all one point particle. The parallel universes are simply different possibilities. By choosing between them, which is something our subconscious mind does automatically, we are aligning ourselves, unless we aren’t. That’s the problem. We are designed to do this, but our limiting beliefs can actually do harm to this process, holding us into a specific pattern. But now you remember the tools you already know and you know exactly the right time in which to use them. And that feels good doesn’t it?

So now you remember that you are capable of taking the observer effect and turning into an editing process capable of surfing infinite possibilities, allowing you to navigate through parallel universes and manifest love, abundance, intuition, and anything else to get you moving forward on your divine path. Isn’t that beautiful?

Thanks for reading and sharing. And stay tuned, because we are going to put this into practice in my upcoming workshops. But you just got a bonus advanced teaching from my superconscious and enlightenment workshops, and that feels good too, yes?


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