The Master Key

What if I told you that we’ve all locked ourselves away from one another, only letting ourselves out using certain costumes to show up for different people and places? It’s the mask. It’s the veil of illusion we ourselves use to color what we want reality to be. It’s not a conscious decision. And it happens throughout life. For every time you’ve experienced pain, trauma, or other significant events, part of you was locked away. It was a protection mechanism. Or maybe it served another higher purpose. Now here’s the fun part: Your subconscious mind stored these memories in such a way that created and reinforced certain neural pathways. And every time you experience something, that child who’s been locked away is screaming for attention. Whatever is coming up is ready for healing. And it’s up to you to open that door. There is a science to this. Your perception takes in what it can from a universal field of infinite possibilities, generalizing, distorting, and even deleting data to create your reality. Your brain processes information like a computer and stores information using holographic memory (it’s stored everywhere in the brain). When events happen, neural pathways access the stored information to tell your conscious mind how to react (or respond) based on the information stored. That’s why triggers happen. Something as little as an association, like a song or even a smell, can take you there. And unless you’ve healed the child behind every closed door, this can trigger the hurt or trauma. Time to get to work then, right? Your filing system is like the inside of a large office building. Just imagine being able to see inside it, walking through the halls to get to know where every part of your inner psyche is stored. You can float from above, looking down into each room. And when the time is perfect for you, you have the exact tool needed to heal that inner child. You have the master key that opens up every one of those doors! The brain does not want to stay the same. It only stored the memories so you could deal with them when you’re ready. And simply becoming aware means that you are ready. That’s the difference between reacting to something or responding. There’s a greater awareness knowing that you choose what to do or say in any context. Your map of reality (based on your generalization of the infinite) is what attracts more from the infinite, based on your frequency. That’s why in the past, you might have felt stuck. You weren’t. This was your subconscious trying to say that you’re ready to open that door. Your ego brought it up for you. But if you were stuck in first person, you didn’t get the whole message. The message is this: Open the door to let the inner child heal and be free, and your brain will close this file and create all new, empowering behaviors around all new neural pathways. That’s all. It’s not bad things happening to good people. It’s you taking your master key to open yourself up for healing. It’s you creating a better reality through the magic of neuroplasticity! Your pattern was there for your greater awareness. And you ARE aware! And as soon as you begin, everything around you starts to change for good. This is the science of YOU. 💓 Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done. =D

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