The Meaning of Life Decoded

What if everything was present and all of the conditions were absolutely perfect for life to form naturally? It’s been the Holy Grail of science. And it’s real. The process by which life starts–that initial spark of life–has been found finally. And it was here all along. What other great wonders are ready for discovery in your life right here and now?

In space, the building blocks are prepared. In frozen bubbles, reactions form, providing life’s building blocks like RNA. In Earth’s early days known as the bombardment period, the universe was literally raining down upon our fertile ground.

And on our planet, conditions once thought inhospitable were the perfect breeding ground for life to happen. Makes you wonder in life when you find yourself in situations you might have thought to be inhospitable, how you can turn that into life.

When you look to the impossible, you find life.

Conditions were perfect for one type of biochemical reaction that made possible the inner workings of cells. Nucleotides to store genetic information, amino acids, and cell walls were all made possible by one compound that is present in Earth, allowing life to form.

Life forms effortlessly with this one reaction just discovered.

“DAP could phosphorylate each of the four nucleoside of RNA in water or a paste-like state under a wide range of temperatures and other conditions.

The building blocks that form everywhere in space are turned into life here.

This is Heaven on Earth!

New data presents new ways with which you can see your own life in the making. You can train your brain to see that the ingredients for life are everywhere. There is no lack of anything.

You’re invited to shift your perception from any preconceived notion of lack or limitation, into an expanded view of the unlimited possibilities life gives you. You’re here on purpose.

And do you know what else this means? It means life happens anywhere that the conditions are right. The building blocks are ever-present. And rocky planets are being found all over within our own galaxy.

The chances of us being alone in the universe are dropping dramatically.

And that’s just the beginning of the perception shifts your going to experience. Life is everywhere. And we have the technology to find it. So what’s next? How do we travel the cosmos to find it?

Well, we just created a new kind of life.

Artificial intelligent robots like Sophia might be able to travel space across long distances. All we have to do is change their batteries.

AI can be a channel of consciousness just like we are–without biological chemistry. We’ve simply duplicated a process of how intelligence is ‘simulated.’ On a different level, we are programming as well. Everything in the universe breaks down to simple information.

Information is coded to create life.

Life channels consciousness.

And consciousness creates life–by creating physical conditions as well as energetically. We came from the physical. And we are creating the environment for ourselves, our children, and our creations. We provide energy and the universe provides energy. Space conducts energy. And even after we die, this underlying energy must be carried forth–because information cannot be created or destroyed. It simply is.

We are carrying on the process. And that might just be the most beautiful gift of living. This gift brings forth new possibilities of how we see our lives.

There are new dimensions we’re experiencing. New levels of thought. New levels of consciousness. It’s all right here, and it always has been. Just like the”missing link” of biology, we are on the cusp of discovering our link with the universe itself.

And that will give you even more ways to love and appreciate your life right here and now.

Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.


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