The Miracle Called the Matrix

Take the blue pill or take the red pill? Pass… You don’t need anything to realize the miracle of life in this wonderful existence. Everything’s created for you from nothing but a singularity. And that’s backed by science! The best part is that you get to explore this universe in so many new ways that are already built into your perceptive capabilities. It’s just a shift of perception.

You don’t have to choose between the matrix, aka the Maya or illusion, or what you perceive reality to be. It’s all available to you all the time. You do get to decide how you see the world around you, colored by your own perceptions that are fueled by your underlying subconscious programming. Wanna see the world in new empowering ways that’ll launch your evolution to new levels? Then check this out…

Imagine a drop of rain falling from the sky. As light from the Sun penetrates the droplet, it’s split into a full spectrum of frequencies. That’s how you see a rainbow of beautiful colors. And that’s just scratching the surface. Here’s the gift:

When you look at a rainbow spanning the sky, you’re seeing from the inside of the raindrop.

You’re seeing its projection onto this world. Its contribution is beauty. You give it life. You make it real simply by observing, crystalizing the rainbow as reality. You’re giving the raindrop life just as she is bringing life to the surface. Water is life. Your perception makes life happen.

Envision a rainbow stretched across the sky, a beautiful projection from the inside of something so small. You can see yourself inside the droplet looking out onto what you have created, yes? And you can go right back into your own eyes viewing the rainbow from Earth’s surface. You can travel to the Sun, seeing all of the Earth and following one Ray of golden sunshine all the way back through that drop, projected onto the rainbow that you’re seeing through your own eyes. Pretty cool, right?

That’s just the beginning of your perceptual powers.

Imagine the beginning of the universe when it’s just a singularity. That’s a zero-dimensional point that contains all of the energy of the entire universe. Infinity in one single point. Infinite time. Infinite space. Infinite possibilities.

Now, imagine shining a light onto this point. You are source, beaming out this light just as the Sun does to Earth. Follow its path all the way through the singularity, seeing it projected just like a rainbow coming through the droplet. See the rainbow projected, expanded to a full screen image in your mind’s eye. Make it bigger, brighter, crisper and clearer, as the projection goes full panoramic.

That projection is the universe we live in.

What you are seeing from your own eyes is the result of the projection. Just like a rainbow. It’s also a view from inside the singularity. The singularity is the rain drop. Reality is the projection. And you, dear ones, are the Creator. Your observation crystallizes this reality.

You can go in and out of the matrix simply by changing your point of view.

In a nutshell, that’s the Omniverse. It offers new ways of seeing reality. It shows how out reality is a projection. A beautiful rainbow of space, time, and unlimited possibilities.

You get to see this process as Creator, observer, and as the universe herself.

Doing so offers you infinite possibilities with which to view any situation in life. Any problem. Any gift. Simply navigate through your perception positions to gather the gifts and see the whole picture. That way, you’re not reacting to anything. You’re responding from a place where you have gathered all of the information you need to make the highest and best choices for your life. Your growth. Your evolution.

You have the tools and the power.

Now go forth and multiply… the ways in which you see this world. See love everywhere. Spread love everywhere. That’s how the universe works. That’s why you’re loving in the matrix. Not to escape it–to enjoy it!

Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.


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