The Missing Link in Human Evolution has been Decoded

Good evening, Luminous Lovelies! If there was a new way to gather information about our roots, wouldn't you want to find out right now? Where we come from is a question we've been asking for eons. And our answers keep getting more refined. Biblical creation led to alchemical manifestation, then Darwinian evolution. But this is all ancient history. On the forefront of science and technology, the information powerhouse stored in our genes is providing answers never before dreamed of. We're rewriting all the books. And this is just the beginning. New information is going to make us rewrite again! Because this is going to be the biggest shocker to human history! And here it is...

This is the real story of Adam and Eve. 

Humans' ancestors have lived here for millions of years. All kinds. Big giants. Little dwarves. And even many modern hominids living alongside modern humans. The other hominids' roots have been traced back fairly well. Ours have not. They were generic cousins at best, and we interbred with them, but we didn't come from the same lineage. 
The answers are being found in human mitochondrial DNA. The first modern humans trace back 400,000 years, nearly twice as far back as we've observed in the fossil record. And we are anatomically the same over this entire timeline. Same brainpower too! Yet, we only know back to civilizations up to the last ice age (about 13,000 years ago). Everything else was wiped out (or intentionally removed).

Our ancestors left virtually no trace.

Did we have advanced civilizations before us? What if all the evidence for aliens was actually humans? Look what we've done so far. Perhaps we've repeated a few iterations. But the answers are in your cells.

You are computers executing code and storing information. 

The proteins that make up life created a system of programming remarkably adaptable. Your DNA stores everything. Bit by bit. And there's an energetic interface to this programming. What you and I see is the program fully executed. We see people. And on a cellular level, what you and I see is energy. Pure energy.

The DNA in every cell is made to respond to its environment. Genes can be switched on and off, and even passed down for generations. This is how evolution works. It's all about the energy.

So by exposing cells to an energy, they grow, evolving toward this energy, like a plant growing into the warm, life-giving sunlight. In our case, the human ancestors were exposed to something that caused an evolution--a new species. That's us! And before we start talking about alien theories pointing to the source of this energy, get this--that's also us.

We are energy. We are extraterrestrial. 

Before taking physical form in this newly created species, we are first the energy that causes the evolution on the physical level. Where do souls come from? Where does thought come from? Where does our love come from? It's all coming from our essence.

This essence is life in itself. It is the flow of consciousness that pervades the universe. And from this essence, we take many forms all over the universe. Still think humans are alone in the universe? We're not. Because our essence is the same as the angels and archangels. It is the same essence as the laws of the universe that govern creation of life. We are simply channels of this energy. The difference between humans and angels is that we take physical form associated into a timeline and physical habitat.

You are the light and the love of the universe expressed in the most beautiful way, physically and energetically. And it's good to know that, isn't it? It gets better too. Because we can go back to source by analyzing this energetic DNA. Your energy tells your body how you are evolving in the now and carries this forward. In this light, tell me, how much do you love yourself right now? Ready to take this to the next level?

We're taking a trip back to source. 

Just like how there's a source for physical DNA, there's a source for your programing code. Adam and Eve were the programs. Archetypes for modern human form executed in the now. We are the programmers and the program, and we come from a different time and space. A parallel universe full of higher dimensions.

We came to Earth.

In taking physical form, our connection with Gaia consciousness was a soul agreement or contract to become one with her, as we are entering into the physical form and timeline. We became the light for her to grow toward. In doing so, we created modern humans from a parent species. And since then, the mission of humanity has been to show her that we can be a contributing force of love and light to evolve life on Earth. Of course, that also means we're kind of fucking it up right now.

But that's why you and I are here right now. 

We are the sentinels. We are here to spread peace, love, and knowledge. We are here to heal our planet and humanity. And we do it one person at a time, awakening their power from within, like turning on a light bulb. And we shall illuminate this planet once again with love and light, evolving or species into the next stage. Get ready to level up. You're needed on this mission.

Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.


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