The New You


Every day brings change. Every breath brings life. Every moment brings a chance to experience something new. We are not who we used to be. The past cannot control our destiny. We are energy enshrouded in pure, universal love with conscious thought creating a physical form with which we choose to fill with this love. Like when we fill something with water, the water will take its shape – a bowl, or a glass, or a teapot. Water always takes the shape of what we fill it with. Simply, we are this process.

In our daily lives with work and other responsibilities, we tend to forget this. We might even think the ego-constructed reality is actually real. This is why the ancients taught us that what we think is real is actually an illusion – maya. In the 20th century, quantum physicists discovered the truth behind the illusion, and in the 21st century, the Omniverse unveiled itself as the projector behind the maya. Today with the secrets unveiled, we have the ability and opportunity to choose to live in love with ourselves or to continue with the illusion. You don’t have to choose the red or blue pill though. Your actions decide. When you act with love, compassion, selflessness, and ethics, you are already there.

Welcome to the new universe – the new you. Feel free to explore.


Every moment is New Year’s Day in our heart. Happy New Year’s!!!

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