The Next Evolutionary Step: Convergence

We live in a time where we have mapped the DNA structure and the observable extent of the universe.  We are all present to observe and witness a shift in perception of how we understand things.  I am extremely grateful and infinitely thankful to be right here right now!  Science and spirituality are converging to explain our existence and further refine our knowledge base.  In scientific studies and new thought spiritual venues, I have witnessed a shift in perception of past views about evolution.  Recent evidence suggests that organisms that successfully evolve to survive do so by cooperating.

This is a huge contrast to our antiquated Darwinian view, survival of the fittest. Darwin started something that is now further refined with DNA mapping – rewiring branches of the evolutionary tree where necessary (T-Rex was moved to the same family as Archaeopteryx – the precursor to modern birds).  Mitochondrial DNA mapping has given us insight into our evolutionary roots.  We know that modern humans started out in Africa nearly 400,000 years ago but were not related to other hominids previously thought to be our ancestors.  We have determined a small amount of interbreeding occurred with one of our distant evolutionary cousins, Neanderthal.  We also have found that cooperation helped our species survive while Neanderthal and Denisovan man died out.


We are currently discovering much more about our DNA than what the maps have told us thus far. The field of epigenetics studies a biological field that forms switches for turning specific genes on and off.  What does this mean?  It means our DNA studies to date have only scratched the surface.  DNA is just a blueprint – the epigenome is where the thinking happens.  This field of methyl molecules has the ability to reshape an organism’s genome based on its environment.  And it does so across generations – like a genetic memory.  Are we observing a new level of consciousness at work?  If we can learn to control the field and communicate biochemically, we can control our next step of evolution.

New spiritual knowledge is gaining foot.  The concept of cooperation is well known here, and people in increasing numbers are becoming channels to infinite knowledge as yet beyond scientific explanation.  This is based on something very simple – feeling unconditional love.  Love communicates the law of attraction.  What is this telling us?  We cooperate to evolve, and access a higher state of consciousness by cultivating more love. Perhaps someday this process will reveal a spiritual DNA (or SNA) that controls the biochemical communication of the epigenome.

It sounds crazy, but this convergence of science and spirituality might just be the key to understanding the very nature of our reality.  When science catches up with ancient knowledge it is truly amazing!  Scientifically, as with ancient teachings, we are all energy.  The advent of quantum physics over a century ago re-shifted the perception of what we know.  It has forced scientists to go back several drawing boards to explain how the universe works and reconcile with Newton’s laws and Einstein’s relativity.  As a result, we know what we’re made of – cosmic star dust.  We can take this apart down to the subatomic level, which then helps us to describe the universe as a whole.  We know that every miniscule component that makes up even a quark is basically energy.  Space is the fabric that communicates the energy.

We are actually mostly space.  The perception that we are solid can be explained by how our subatomic particles interact.  Some particles interact with each other while others do not.  When we think we touch a solid object, it is just a particle interaction – they never touch however.  It is simply an exchange of energy using the energetic fabric of space to allow it to flow.  This is a modern explanation of the ancient principle known as Maya – the illusion.  This is only the beginning.  I have a scientific proposal for the evolution of the universe that lays a geometric framework for the universe as a holographic projection from a higher-dimensional warped surface.  This may someday lead to a more refined scientific explanation of our existence.  My upcoming book, Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse, creates a new drawing board that goes back before the Big Bang and also may help explain expansion and the Big Freeze.  Everything we think we know about the universe is about to change.  Once again, I am grateful and thankful to be right here right now!

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