The Next Level

What if I told you that there’s even more aspects of your self and your consciousness that can empower you in all new ways just ready to be discovered? Could you benefit from being in a place of unconditional love? How would you feel about being able to experience all there is in this universe in all of its infinite beauty? Would you be interested? Does any part of you object?

There are all new states of consciousness so profound and deep, we can literally access the laws of physics and create our surroundings, manifesting what is necessary to follow our path to ascension. These levels will no longer be hidden. Our whole consciousness is ready to be unveiled! With the Omniverse, the Big picture of the universe is just the start…

Even though we think we’re tiny specks within a vast universe, the universe is a tiny speck within every single subatomic particle. Our physical form is a function of a conscious projection. Yes, your life is on a big screen television (a holographic multidimensional, infinite possibility-enhanced screen). And YOU are the one watching!

This is just a little bonus from the Omniverse, the big picture of the universe. Using quantum physics, we now know that all possibilities of time and space exist all at once. You literally travel across the universe every time you move. Even the universe is a system if infinite possibilities – infinite parallel universes. Each of these, like everything in our bubble, is connected. Everything is entangled.

We can navigate these possibilities of infinity as we discover each individual’s purpose, embark on our journeys, and explore. In our journeys, we will identify core values with each purpose, align with our higher selves to take steps in our paths, and navigate the infinite seas of parallel universes. And remember, you are not a drop in these seas – you are the entire ocean. You are this entire universe in is entirety! You are whole!

We will grow to use the tools of the superconsciousness – nature, crystals, angels, archangels, laws of physics, the universal hall of records, and even the supreme consciousness, aka Jesus/Buddha consciousness. Once you discover these tools within you, anything is possible. You can make your life better! You can serve your higher purpose! You can raise the vibration of those around you anywhere just by being present! You can do anything that you do better!

Best of all, you can achieve total enlightenment with ease. I can walk you through the process. And I don’t even need to show you how to do anything. It’s automatic once we unlock the secrets within the consciousness. Many have ventured across the globe to climb mountaintops or explore monasteries for meditative practice as steps to gain enlightenment. But without having to travel to the remote corners of the world, I can guide your ascension.

I can be the travel agent booking your spiritual adventure within. Look for my upcoming announcement of workshops coming soon. Right now, check out Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse to learn about the universe’s path to ascension (available on Balboa Press/Amazon/B&N). When you are ready to wholly embody your journey, I will be there to guide you…


Everything in our universe is about to change.


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