The Numbers LIE!!!

How many times have you heard someone say that the number’s don’t lie? I am going to deconstruct this and show you the TRUE meaning of the numbers! First, they DO lie! In many people’s minds, the numbers just lie around, as they are perceived to be static (not moving). If you see numbers this way, then you ARE being lied to… By your own mind! Numbers are anything but static. And there’s two secrets about statistics that you might not know:

1) Any set of numbers always describes the PAST.

2) Number sets can always be UPDATED with figures taking place in the PRESENT!


So you see, numbers are anything but static. They really don’t lie around, but you have to be able to perceive the process! The reason we always update the numbers is to make a more accurate reflection of the reality we HAVE BEEN observing. This helps to make more accurate FUTURE predictions, but we must never lose sight of the one place in time where the numbers don’t lie – the PRESENT!

This is because YOU have the power within yourself to change the numbers! That’s right, you are the trendsetter in your own life! The past will never be able to dictate how you are right now, unless you let it. So don’t let your egoic mind take control! Don’t tell yourself that this is the way it is because this is the way it has been. MAKE something happen. Make LIFE happen! You have the power to align yourself into the statistical minority of probabilities, thus bucking the trend and making CHANGE for the better!

How do you align yourself with the change for the better while not letting this majority probability take over your life? You FOCUS on your intended outcome. Because if you BELIEVE that 95% of the time or more, statistically speaking, that you will fall into the numbers, the message you are sending to the quantum field of probabilities known as the UNIVERSE is just that! You are MAKING it happen! On the other hand, if you believe in yourself this very moment that any such numbers have no control over YOUR outcome, then you send the message into the quantum field that you are MANIFESTING for the highest and best good of yourself to reach your intended outcome!

They don’t teach this in statistics folks, and there’s a reason. Just like with everything else in life, like government, religion, and even the modern education system, people want to control you. Some use fear. Terrorism. Communism. Punishment. Some are more subtle, making you “educated” to fit within the given constraints of the system. This is called (I brainfarted on this – I think I worked it out of my vocabulary) conformity (20 minutes later – I shit you not)! When we are taught socially to conform to certain standards, we may remove our own thought from the process. This is a way for the egoic mind to take over because it is easy to repeat what we are taught. For those in control, conformity might seem good, but it is only controlling the ego!

Let;s take this a step further. I want people to listen to their TRUE self – the spirit, the soul, or essence. This is the universal consciousness speaking through you. Because we are more than what we are taught or socially conditioned to believe! We are the creators of our reality. The lesson I want everyone to take home is that we are NOT constrained to any given set of numbers that keep us down. For example, minorities may have been disadvantaged in the past when seeking jobs, education, even freedom itself. But we are all in this together, people! We can overcome the trends of the past and create a new, brighter future, by working together RIGHT NOW!

And here’s the universe’s trick up the quantum sleeve, unveiledĀ justĀ for you: On this universal level, we are all equal – no divisions, no categories, no majorities and minorities, no classes, and even no sexes. We are all one! Within each and every one of us, each a unique focal point of divine universal LOVE, is simply an essence. This essence is both masculine and feminine. This essence is the PURE YOU! And whatever plight you go through in this lifetime is the path that your essence chose for you to take in order to OVERCOME that which is holding you back. So take the reigns and start right NOW! Your past is not your future! You are right here, right now, to realize that your hardships in life are your lessons to keep you moving forward on this path. And you create this path as you move through the multiple possibilities of parallel universes to align yourself with your highest and best intentions!

THIS is why I am going in the direction I am creating right now. When you read my book, Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse, you will be presented with the idea of INFINITE POSSIBILITIES. And the path I am creating with this book is leading to even more insight into what it really means for us and how we can take control and use this knowledge to MANIFEST for the highest and best good of our true self! Thank you for reading. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for being YOU!


There’s something the universe wants you to know…

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