The Omniverse and the Holographic Principle

The holographic principle states that all of the information contained within a black hole is directly proportional to the surface area, not the overall volume.  This tells us that our universe, our very reality, exists in a curved two dimensional system.  Three space dimensions, time, and several tiny, curled up dimensions that make up our reality may be just an illusion.  In ancient teachings, this is known as ‘maya,’ and now science appears to be catching up. 

While researching for Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse, I found that our entire universe can be ‘flattenned’ in a similar way that we project the curved surface of the Earth onto a map.  When this projection is placed on a larger curved system, I showed how the universe expands in multiple dimensions.  This model is consistent with the Holographic Principle.  All of the information contained in the universe is actually projected onto the surface of a larger system. 

And there is proof of this: Dark Energy, or the cosmological constant, explains the universe’ expansive forces.  In short, everything in the universe is expanding and moving apart from everything else.  In the outermost parts of our observable universe, galaxies appear to be accelerating beyond a point of no return, or event horizon.  This is just like the event horizon of a black hole, except in that case objects fall in, never to return.  But if the universe expands evenly as a flattenned projection along a curved surface, it actually gives the illusion that everything expands away from everything else in the universe – just what we observe.

Ultimately, further studies are warranted in quantum theories to test this hypothesis.  Quantum information theory is a new field studying how information is exchanged along the surface of an event horizon.  Studies of black holes using the information contained in them will help us to understand the universe, which is a singularity like a black hole. 

A singularity is where laws of physics break down.  Our entire existence – our whole universe – is a singularity.  And as I show, it is part of a bigger system that will help us to resolve issues with current models and better explain how the universe works and how it formed before the Big Bang.  In essence, we will see that we are a reflection of the Big Bang singularity and everything in our universe is entangled in a quantum system!

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Photo credit: Dillinger Escape Plan 

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