The Perfect Way To Be Imperfect

Imagine a beautiful diamond shining brightly just as you do. Look deep into its many facets, noticing how clearly you can peer deeply into the vastness of the crystal structure within. This conjures up images of the perfection of the diamond's crystal lattice, doesn't it? Look closer... The deeper you go into this experience, you'll start noticing something profound. The diamond is full of imperfections. There are some nearly perfect diamonds with very few impurities, yet the imperfections exist nonetheless. This makes every single crystal unique.



And this can be applied to us as well. Because you are completely unique and perfect in an imperfect kind of way. All of your lessons—what you may think are imperfections—are unfolding perfectly for your growth to occur. It's not just diamonds that show imperfections. In all of the mineral world, every single crystal is full of imperfections. And this in itself is a beautiful lesson. You see, without imperfections, you would not be able to observe the beautiful colors of the crystals you love. Imperfections are required in order for the light moving through a crystal to emerge. Under a mineralogical microscope, a perfect crystal would be black. It would not let light through. So let this be a lesson to acknowledge your imperfections that allow your light to shine!

"The universe doesn't allow perfection."
— Steven Hawking

Now let your attention become focused on your surroundings as you bring even more into your awareness. See the universe as far as you can, towards the boundaries of time and perception. As we look into the beginning of time in the outer-most regions of the observable universe, we find that even the universe is imperfect. Before there were solid objects or even gases, there were hot spots and cold spots that led to structure in the universe. The structure allowed pockets of attraction that would become matter as we know it. And once particles began coming together, light was able to shine through the primordial soup. Imperfections allow the universe to shine! 


And now in this new light of awareness, I invite you to ask yourself, have you been seeking perfection? How has this been showing up for you? What kind of results have you been getting? What is you could just accept your flaws and the imperfections around you, allowing yourself to see the beautiful colors as the light shines through even more? I'll share a recent breakthrough I had. Since going through my own transformation and clearing the blocks I had put up around love in my life, I was manifesting what I thought was the perfect relationship. I kept a list of everything my heart desired, exactly as I thought it should be. I even manifested perfection.

Then I found my purpose. A friend shared a quote. "How did you know that you were meant to be a healer? Because I kept falling in love with broken people." That was the story of my life! By manifesting perfection, I was dimming the light of my healing powers. But once I had this ah-ha moment, my life turned upside-down. Love came to me. Not perfect love. Messy love. Not the kind of love where I need to change someone or even heal them, but to love them just the way they are. The same way that I desire to be loved! It is the imperfections in ourselves that allow the lessons to unfold perfectly. Nobody has to change anybody. It just happens naturally. And in this new light of awareness, I invite you to consider how your own life can change just by accepting your imperfections in and around you. 

That's why it's perfectly perfect to be imperfect! Acceptance becomes the same as letting go, because when you accept things as they are, the beliefs you had in the past of how things should be magically disappear. Accepting that there are imperfections leads to the light shining through—an analogy for the natural flow of universal energy, aka love. All you have to do is allow it. That is all. And in this brand new moment, even as we bring the future into the now, you will notice how the lessons, once thought of as 'bad,' are unfolding perfectly to help you grow, evolve, and transcend old ways of thinking. After all that's why you're here. Really, that's why you're HERE. Because you did not find this by mistake. You have been wrapped up in your ideas of your perfect world, and now it's ok to allow the light to shine through all of those imperfections.

Thank you, it is done. It is done. It is done.



There's more to the universe than what we've been taught. There's more to life than what we've allowed ourselves to believe.

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