The Power Within

Superman could do anything. He had strength to lift cars, stop trains, super speed that could reverse time, and even x-ray vision. When we are attuned to our intuition, we are unstoppable with our own superpowers. But there was a little something from when Superman was a baby—a piece of his home world. Kryptonite made him powerless. In a way, we all have Kryptonite in our lives. It can be an event or just something someone says that triggered something making you feel powerless. What is is that takes you out of your power? More importantly, how has this been coming up in the past? Simply asking these questions creates the space for your own intuition to bring forth the answers. For they are already known in every cell of your existence on a deep subconscious level. It is a process that we go through when we heal. We simply trust this process and allow ourselves to come back into our power. The trick is in how we do it.


I’m not going to tell you how to do it. You already know. You’ll remember when the time is perfect for you. But the most interesting synchronicity I found with Kryptonite is that it comes from when he was a baby and turmoil was happening. His entire planet was dying, leaving a lasting imprint on his psyche. That’s called a root cause! We all have root causes for all kinds of emotions. And these can be from childhood or in the womb, or even from epigenetic family levels and parallel (past) lives. What happens when the root event occurs is a reaction that becomes hard-wired in the brain’s neural network as it is developing. A circuit is formed, telling us how to react each time something cues this root cause trigger. Until now. So in that light, would you be willing to experience your Kryptonite just one last time in order to heal and move past it? Are you completely free of objection?

Simply recognizing when your power is taken away starts the healing process, allowing the emotions to freely flow as they are transmuted to higher frequencies of love. And there’s a lot of science behind this process! When we identify the trigger and begin to heal it, we are literally rewiring the brain. We create new neural pathways, and the old pathways can no longer be triggered, making the Kryptonite powerless against us! And how we create these new networks in the brain is truly a transformative process—a modern day miracle. You see, it was once (actually only a few years ago) thought that neural pathways couldn’t be recoded. But two fields have pioneered ways of recoding and rewiring.

First, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) made its advent from how our communication affects our programming. Since early childhood, our brains are programmed and conditioned by a barrage of language. NLP is a study of how the language originally coded and can be used to recode the brain. It is effective in making the brain more malleable as new pathways are created within the neural networks. NLP is highly effective in treating root causes, along with many other applications.

Some of the back story of NLP comes from how our minds take in information from around us. As I wrote about in my description of the Omniverse, we are a field of infinite possibilities. In a system where unseen quantum physics lay the foundation for all possibilities of anything to exist all at once (space, time, etc.), it can get a bit confusing for our brains to understand. So, as an object follows a path from point A to point B, it takes all possible paths throughout the entire universe. Yep, every time something moves, it travels to the edge of the universe and back and everywhere in-between. And that’s too much information for our brain to handle, so it puts together a statistical representation of the most likely path. That’s what we observe as we watch the object reach point B. Now, what is everything is infinite possibilities and the mind has to do this all the time? It does! In order to understand our true reality, our mind has to delete, distort, and generalize information to fit into a package the brain can process and understand. In this way, we each create our own map of reality. Once we understand how the map is created, we simply find ways to remap the root events, making the triggers ineffective. It works!

Second, Theta Healing has been around more recently, which more influence among the spiritual/scientific audience. Theta refers to a brainwave state of deep meditation. We experience this state as children. As adults, we experience right before sleep. It is the receptive state of the mind, and can be programmed in the brain (like NLP), family/genetic, parallel life, and higher self or soul levels. It is very powerful. And like NLP, Theta Healing is also a way to reprogram the subconscious. It is very effective in removing limiting beliefs and replacing with empowering beliefs, and it can also be utilized to find and treat root causes.

Theta Healing also has similarities to material I have written (which reinforces my belief in its effectiveness). When going in meditation, we travel across multiple levels of existence, which I describe as multiple levels of consciousness. Crystals, nature, the conscious mind and the subconscious mind or higher self, the realms of spirits, angels, and archangels, the laws of physics, the Akashic records, or the realm of pure quantum information stored directly on the event horizon of the white hole where our universe is born in a magnificent expansion known as the Big Bang, and the consciousness of all that is—Jesus/Buddha/God consciousness (or whatever term you prefer).

Each of these is very powerful facilitating nothing short of total transformation. But both together can be used for even more efficient, safe, and effective ways to empower ourselves and rewire trigger events. I am a living example! And as I mentioned in my last article, I am taking my biggest vulnerability and making it my greatest strength by creating a package of transformational webinar and webshops to heal heartbreak and align with our heart’s natural energy center. So with a one-two punch of Theta and NLP, you just know it’s going to be good! And that feels good knowing this, yes? Knowing that healing can be transforming and no matter where you are in life, this can be utilized to make it better!

Thanks for being a part of this! More details will be announced soon ( and! And that Kryptonite? With my superpowers, it will never disempower Superman or anyone else ever again!

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  1. So glad it is all sounding so positive. Good for you! I know many will benefit from your findings and willingness to share.

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