The Present


Have you ever wondered what time is?  It is used to measure the progress of life from the beginning to the end of the universe.  It is a powerful tool.  With time, we can analyze our past to predict our future.  And when we have mastered this technique, we always come to the same conclusion – the realization that it is just the present moment.  The past is gone and the future is not here yet.  Every moment is the present moment as we experience it.

The present is an understanding of the universe through the eyes of quantum physics.  It sounds crazy but in quantum physics everything can be anything and only becomes something at the time of observation to show us its characteristics. The present is the moment that something is observed – when the entire universe is manifested before your eyes at any given point of time.

To look deeper into the meaning of the present we are going to explore other ways we use to describe the universe.  Einstein once proposed that time is the fourth dimension.  Classical relativity took Newtonian physics with three space dimensions to a whole new level.  Dimensions are not units of measure but provide a framework for measurement of distance along the three space dimensions.  In essence we don’t need to discuss the dimensions because distance is the unit of measure.  We can measure distance along any of the dimensions of space, and we can measure time along its dimension.  When we look forward in time, we see an ever-expanding universe increasing in distance.  When we look back in time, we see the universe in its original state – dimensionless, timeless, and only a Planck distance in size.  A Planck distance is defined as the smallest measurable distance.  We don’t know the exact size but we can measure down to 10 to the power of -35 meters.  The Planck distance is many orders of magnitude smaller than the building blocks of matter.  And the entire universe fit into this space.

Time mimics this process that we observe with the universe being the smallest measurable distance.  The universe is also the smallest measurable time.  It is that fraction of a second we call a moment – the present.  Can the present moment be quantified?  The brain perceives a moment as a point of time where something can be set in motion.  In the present moment, the brain sets the stage for observations and decisions that will unfold itself as time moves forward.  Therefore we observe the present as just a flicker in the grand timescale very similar to how we describe the miniscule distance in the singularity that is the Big Bang. In terms of measurement, it is the flickering of energy states of electron orbitals from a cesium atom stimulated with microwave energy.  Our modern ultra-precise measuring techniques use the variations of energy from the switching of electron orbitals to accurately measure time without missing a second in 300 million years.  That makes the smallest measurable amount of time 3 billionths of a second!

The present moment can be viewed as the point in time between an occurrence or decision.  In this present moment opportunities are created and the universe is manifested as we observe it.  It is creation of momentum to set the stage for life to happen.  There is something else about the present that turns out to be a hidden gem within the laws of physics – the sum of all histories.  Feynmann presented this concept as a combination of all possibilities within a system.  Existence of any type of particle is merely a statistical probability.  What we observe is the most likely outcome of its possibilities.  In terms of distance, when we move from point A to point B we actually travel all possible paths throughout the universe.  Yes, we have mastered travel throughout the universe!

When we apply the sum of histories to the present moment, we see all possible times within the universe from its beginning to the end – all at once.  When one is in this moment past and future possibilities can be visualized based upon what we are creating.  There is a built-in understanding of this concept on a subconscious level that is reprogrammed by our current understanding of time.  It is difficult to see on the conscious level, but we have observed this phenomenon in our universe using other descriptors such as distance.  Our dimensionless singularity contains our entire universe including space and time with all possible variations.  With understanding of this point of space and time – the singularity – our consciousness grows to the level that is one with the universe as a whole.  You are the universe as a whole.  You are not divided.  You are the present moment.  Set the stage to do something good!  There is no better place than right here.  There s no better time than right now!


If you enjoy this topic, I applied the concept of the sum of histories of time to describe what happened before the Big Bang in my book, Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse.  I introduced time as a measurement that can be applied on different dimensions and scales – just as we have observed with multiple dimensions used to describe modern string theories.  Somewhere in time the idea of a large-scale structure creating our singularity was just a spark within one present moment.  Just as the universe grew from the singularity, the idea became the seed to the scientific proposal of the Omniverse.  For more info go to for a free download of the white paper explaining the process.  You can also follow Omniverse on Facebook.  Thanks for reading!



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