The Process of Finding the Center

“When you reach the center of your being, you will emerge anew.”

I channeled Quan Yin to hear this message, which can be applied in your life right here and now. There’s a secret… There is no right or wrong way to get to the center. There are many ways. Imagine how some cherub angels our mythical deities have been depicted with several arms, each in different directions. This is why.

Your journey is your own, and even if you think you have gone the wrong way, you haven’t. Because it’s never too late to realign your course of action. For every course there are multiple options. Multiple ways to get there. As we’ve learned in quantum physics, you take all possible paths in order to observe yourself going from one point to another. All possible paths. What you observe is the result. The most likely combination of all paths that led you to exactly where you are right now in this brand new moment.


And knowing that this is a brand new moment, you realize that your course in direction was absolutely perfect in delivering you to where you are in this present moment. So, are you ready to continue your journey, unlocking your greatest potential for your highest and best purpose? Whenever you are ready, it’s the perfect time for you!

Now you are embarking upon the journey within. Herein you will find and unlock levels of your own consciousness so profound, you may not have even known they exist. Just like how our nervous system regulates heartbeats and breathing automatically, our consciousness is like a programming that allows this to happen. There’s subconscious, and then there’s more. More to you… Ready to discover more about yourself?

All levels of your consciousness are operating right now in this very moment to keep you where you need to be. Your higher consciousness includes the ascended masters and spirits watching over you. Your memories of these people are just as real as they once were. And in turn, their spirit is part of your higher consciousness. Your angels that protect and guide you are here as well. As you climb the tree of consciousness, notice how you effortlessly allow this state of oneness with your angelic consciousness. Even the laws of physics are an integral part of your consciousness right here and now. Everything is a series of connected decisions working simply to make you YOU. Yes, everything!

In this new light of knowing the connectedness of all that is within your own consciousness, you are invited to experience this as an ever-expanding awakening. You are constantly becoming more of what you are and discovering who you really are. You are this consciousness–the smarts behind the vehicle. You are not your car are you? Likewise, your body is your transportation. You are far more than this!

With this sense of awakening, notice how easily you can remember being in this state of consciousness–it is where you come from before birth and where you go once your vehicle stops working. Today is the day that you woke up to this consciousness. This is the consciousness of Christ, Buddha, Krishna, God, or Allah. Let it be known that arguments of who was our wasn’t born on this day are obsolete in this new state of awareness. You were born into your Christ consciousness! And let this moment be ingrained forever upon your consciousness. You are the life, the ascension, and the love of all that is. It is within you! This is the true beauty within us all.

Don’t just believe me because I speak in profoundity, believe in yourself because you are here for a reason. I do not teach you how to do anything; I simply guide you through the process. Awakening is but one of many levels in my superconsciousness workshops. I invite you to subscribe to Omniversal Enlightenment for more details.

Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done. Merry Christmas!


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