The Quantum Effect

Who are you? Are you the man or woman in the mirror? Do you think that you are the real one or the reflection? What if I were to tell you that what you really are is a reflection, and that everything you perceive as reality is actually mapped in your subconscious mind via a lifetime of sensory input and programming? Fasten your spiritual seatbelts, because we are in for one wild ride through the cosmos of consciousness!

Here is what you are: the process. ‘I am that I am.’ Think about the meaning that these words were translated from. Most may see this as a statement of being. I am. but that’s only part of the picture. It is as if we are looking in the mirror, observing ourselves. I am that I am. ‘That’ is in this statement to presuppose a process. I am in the process of becoming. I am a process. But what are we becoming? That is where the reflection comes in, because in essence, this is a reflection of how we build our reality via our perceptions. This is the art of becoming!

When light strikes a mirror, what we are taught is that it simply bounces the light back, giving us the mirror image. But what really happens is an intricate dance of quantum components, all working on your behalf to create your image. The photons don’t just bounce – they interact with atoms in the mirror. Energies are exchanged and entirely new photons are sent back. The image we see has been created from the quantum realm of the universe. We don’t entirely understand this realm yet. But our entire universe exists in it. Our universe is a singularity. It is smaller than a photon. Much smaller in fact. So how do we go about perceiving these particles and building upon them to create matter?

On a different scale, our universe is a projection from this singularity. And like the reflection, it is a quantum dance – an exchange of energies. The Big Bang is the creation of the universe as a result of this energy exchange. It is the process of becoming. In the Old Testament, ‘elojim’ was the description of this power. Loosely translated in later versions, this became known as creation. Once a timeline was established and scientifically verified, we now know the process as evolution. Not just biological evolution – the universe itself evolves. Consciousness evolves. Everything is in a continual flux state of becoming.

So here’s the big question: What would you like to become? This is your choice, not anyone else’s. And you are not limited by your map of reality, your social conditioning, or your beliefs, unless you make it so.


In this process of becoming, our species is consciously aware. This awareness exists on many levels. There is the illusion of awareness, the first person point of view that most people live their day to day lives in. They are hypnotized. Then there are those who, one by one, awaken. This is you right here, right now. Look at yourself in the mirror. You don’t see a reflection. You see an illusion of who think you are. You see the code of the universe being cracked in front of your eyes as its secrets enter your level of consciousness. You see pure beauty! You let go of your conditioning and limiting beliefs, accepting pure love. You are rewriting your map of reality. This is the becoming of enlightened consciousness.

Enlightenment is not a goal or something that can be achieved. It simply is recognition of the process of becoming. It is knowing something within you. It is ‘that’ minus 2x ‘I am.’ When we see the reflection, we recognize that it’s not reality. But when we see reality, now we also recognize that it’s not what is seems. Reality is the process. Simply knowing this allows the consciousness of the singularity to flow through you. Everything you think is yours – your body, your emotions, your thoughts, your map of reality – dissolves away. What is left is the quantum effect. The universe projects itself through consciousness into your vessel, giving you a unique identity and flavor of reality. Consciousness itself is really an illusion – it is not our own. It is that which we all tap into. We do so in different ways resulting in unique personalities based on our maps we create.

I ask you again, who are you? Who would you like to become? What if you were able to remap your entire existence and reprogram yourself and your surroundings for the highest and best good? You can, because who you really are is the observer. You are behind the green curtain, watching the projection. You are observing the universe. You are observing yourself! Anytime you want, you can go back to this position and focus on what you observe, because observing changes the outcome (another gem from the quantum effect). Observation changes outcome. That is the art of becoming! You are not tied to your past. You create your reality right here, right now. Let’s do this! Let’s create together! Simply put, we came here to this existence to love – it is how we tap into consciousness and become.


Thank you for reading! Thank for for being a loving, caring, sharing, beacon of light. That you for becoming you!


Everything we think we know about the universe is changing.

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