The Quantum Mirror

How do we see ourselves? Do you ever wonder how the miracles of science make it possible for us to see the beauty and love in nature? The answer is actually quite simple! We are biological beings who operate on a quantum level. Everything in the universe operates on the same quantum level.


Look at yourself in the mirror. What do you see? The mind creates a near-exact image of you simply by viewing reflected light from the mirror. On the quantum level, this process is made possible by interactions of photons with the atoms of the mirror surface. The photons engage in a beautiful dance, exchanging energies with the electron fields of those atoms. The electron fields are excited to welcome their new guest who traveled from everywhere in the universe. As electron fields get excited, they raise their vibrational energy. When the electron settles back to its preferred state, it releases a new photon. The photons released become the mirror image you see of yourself. This is the principle of the quantum mirror, and this happens everywhere in our observable universe!

When we look at other objects we are observing this beautiful quantum dance. This dance happens on such great scales that our entire bandwidth of visible light is filled by a spectrum of colors and textures. The mirror reflects nearly all of its incoming light, but other objects selectively absorb some frequencies and reflect others. This is why we observe colors. This is the true beauty of nature!

Life is a process of fine-tuning to frequencies of energies. Stars live and die, forming elements we are made of. Solar systems born in the wake can turn these elements into life. Planets like Earth harbor life by providing a technique similar to the quantum mirror. Electron transfer occurs on the surface of minerals first, facilitating the beginnings of life. When light is available, the cells will evolve to accept energy from the incoming photons using their own selective quantum mirror. This is photosynthesis! We have this within ourselves as well.

Photosynthesis occurs on the quantum scale – it is a quantum mirror fine-tuned to the frequency of light. Ironically, science is only just beginning to understand this process. New studies are underway to photograph the quantum photosynthesis in action leading to a better understanding ( In chloroplasts, electrons are released when selective light is absorbed. The light frequencies that are not absorbed are reflected. This is why we see green!

Inside the cell on a quantum level, the dance of this energy exchange is what creates the beauty we see. It gets even better! This is the process of synchronizing with our surroundings. In one-hundredth of a billionth of the blink of an eye, our quantum components are constantly calibrating. This is the miracle of the present moment! This is happening right here, right now, everywhere in and around you. The quantum mirror reflects the true love and beauty of our universe everywhere in you!

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Peace, love, and knowledge.



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