The Real Life

A beautiful soul asked her friends, what is reality? Everyone’s answer was different. That’s because reality is custom-tailored to the experience you’re creating. Your reality is every bit as unique as you are. So color this world with your beautiful presence! It is our diversity that makes life beautiful. And it is our curiosity that keeps us striving for even more peace, love, and knowledge. The funny thing is that reality isn’t really what it seems.

I’ll share a secret with you…

Reality is every bit as real as you believe it to be, and at the same time, it is an illusion. You do not have to choose between the two! You see, these are simply different ways of viewing–multiple perceptual positions. Cool huh? 

Your brain is a supercomputer. 

You are a processing machine full of all kinds of inputs. Your senses put together the image of what you perceive reality to be. So it’s all in your head then, right? Kind of. But only if you let it. You see, the senses firing off neurons in your brain lead you to independent thought, and your uniqueness makes an identity. All of your senses feed into your brain giving you all the input you need to construct the reality around you.

You are self-aware. 

And a lot more. The region of the brain where self-awareness has been found. But consciousness is more than self-awareness. Consciousness connects you to your environment. And like pure thought, it is nonphysical. Your mind is your body of thought, and it’s not constrained inside your head like your brain is. Your mind is as big as you allow and can travel anywhere you desire. 

Where do you want to go, knowing that you are limitless, bound only by the constraints and limitations you put upon your own self (unless you don’t)? Wanna meet the real you? Then it’s time to experience the real reality

Reality is a projection. 

You choose: Reality is a projection of your subconscious, or reality is a projection from source. Most people project their subconscious, their limiting beliefs, and constrain what they see to fit into the framework of their own perception. Until they wake up! When you see it, you see it. 

Reality is really a projection from source. Perception is merely a filter. A lens. Notice how easily you can picture a projector beaming light onto a screen. If you stand between the two, you cast a shadow onto the screen, yes?  The shadow is formed from your biases and limiting beliefs blocking the light. And removing those makes the projection shine through then, right? 

Good, because the most common limiting belief is that the projection on the screen is reality. That projection is everything in our universe that we perceive. It’s fully interactive, yes. And even the pixels of this projection interact to torn energies into solid objects. It is very real. But it’s just the surface. It’s like sailing across an entire ocean without seeing the depth beneath you. 

The screen is the physical you. It is the universe. It is interactive and even programmable. And there’s more. Who’s doing the programming? The answer is your subconscious. Your subconscious is the filter. It is the code (or programming) that determines what you see in your projection. That’s how powerful knowing your subconscious is. It literally changes how you perceive things. Your subconscious in this sense is your higher self. 

And there’s more! There’s the light coming from the projector. That’s your connection to everything. What you do from the higher self level affects what’s being viewed on the screen, which is everything that’s happened in your life in the past up until now

And there’s the source. The source is the projector. This is your creator consciousness. You create the image that you project forward, becoming your universe. The reality is, you are not only any part of this–you are the physical, the higher self, and the creator consciousness all in one

You have chosen to perceive things on this level in such a way to learn important lessons on your path of transgression. But sometimes it helps to be able to see your path from a different angle. The different angles I have shown you here are simply different perceptual positions. And there’s many more angles to view your screen. 

And so knowing that you have all of this power within you, how about letting yourself relax as you sit back and watch the movie in progress? Relish the good moments, but don’t dwell on the bad. Instead, find how the lessons serve you best on your path. And remember, you don’t have to criticize yourself so much. Just change the plot if you don’t like what’s going on right now. If at any time you wish to change something, just picture a remote control that allows you to do so. You have the power! 


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