The Reset Button

A lotta people are gonna get mad when they find out that the “karma” they wished upon someone can easily be stopped in its tracks. So tell me then, if you believe karma is some kind of punishment or street justice, who’s hurting who? No, karma is an energy that attracts. A pattern that repeats in different ways. An action that can be transmuted to attract even more for your highest and best good. Here’s how to reset your karma and kick it into high gear…

The best part is you already know this. You know this at your core–the very essence of your love. Your soul knows. But you allowed yourself to forget. Unless you didn’t. Karma is reinforced by reaction. You push back, you attract. You resist, it persists. Karma is stopped in its tracks when you act. That’s a fact, Jack! 

Now the real question is, how do you know the energy–your patterns–so much so that you can allow your action to effortlessly flow into the now? 

It’s gonna take some brain-hacking. 

You were meant for this. We all are. But we’re all different. A very recent discovery happened. Scientists found that there are two different types of neurons for distinguishing between “reality” and imagination. Reality is in quotes because, as you will see, it is what we create with our observation and perception. And the balance of these neurons is key. 

Not too long ago it became known that the brain actually does rewire itself. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to do that. And it’s a huge market now for healing. I use neurolinguistic programming, aka NLP, and Theta Healing to do just that. Language is the science that accesses the programming–your machine code. The brain does the rest automatically. And with this new discovery, we can tell our brains what type of cells we’re rewiring with! You can literally pump up your perceptive abilities to create the reality you desire in the present moment. To manifest a reality you choose to bring forth. To create a better now

You can rewire your brain and do it with this new twist. 

The first step is to bring forth more unicorns and shit. Those imagination producing neurons allow you to access all kinds of archetypes, like angels, archangels, Jesus, the Buddha, and anything else. Accessing archetypes allows you to see the world’s through different perceptual positions. <Cue the 80s montage trying on different hats.> Seeing the world around you differently changes what you attract. 

This is science. Your perception is your filter of the world around you. You are swimming in a sea of infinite possibilities, just soaking it all in. Your brain can’t take it all at once, even though infinite possibilities do exist in eternal time without time, so it comes up with ways of limiting and translating data. THEN you create reality from the perception you created. 

So-called reality neurons are the translators. The limiters. Imagination neurons are the perceivers. The creators. So now, the trick is to focus the brain’s rewriting not only on creating brand new neural pathways, but new neurons that empower your creative process. That’s how you bring forth your manifestations into the now moreso than ever before. That’s how you create a better now! 

What results have you been getting in the past up until now? 

This one simple question allows you to access your programming. Your patterns. Your karma. The energy type attracting right now. And flipping the switch allows you to effortlessly let go of your patterns as your mind expands itself around new energy, and then your brain rewires itself with this new energy. That’s the power of accessing your core values. 

The rest just happens. In all senses of the meaning. Because meditation allows rest. And that’s how the brain rewires itself. It just happens. And YOU, dear one, set the intention. Your new core values are uploaded and everything you attract changes. That’s the reset button. That’s the action that stops the reaction. 

Your new core values are your new karma. This is the workshop I’m conducting this weekend for free. Bam! 


“You stop attracting certain kinds of people when you heal the part of you that once needed them.” 

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