The Revelation

I am challenging myself to change the scientific landscape forever.  I am presenting the world with such profound knowledge that we will most likely need to rewrite textbooks about the universe and the Big Bang Theory.  But will we?

In a conference with other new thought scientists, the question came up about the education system and how it disseminates new knowledge.  Well, it does not.  Some teachers want to educate their students with new knowledge, but due to the politics and costs, most educational systems just don’t upgrade their knowledge base frequently enough.  For example, do you remember learning about the atom?  It was taught that electrons are particles orbiting the nucleus.  What’s wrong with this picture?  It has been known since the early 1900s that the electron does not appear like a particle.  Instead, it occurs as a field around the nucleus (as photographed below).  Where an electron is observed is actually the most likely probability of where it could be, but it actually exists everywhere in its field.  When I cracked the code of the universe, I saw that as a whole, it mimics this process.  Our universe occurs as a field around the source, or nucleus, and the Omniverse is like the atom!  In my book, I present the scientific proposal based on classical and quantum physics and countless observations supporting the model.  I present areas where further studies can be hypothesized and tested, and present an experiment to observe some of its features.  But will this ever be taught in schools?


One should take note as to how dogmatic the scientific system has become. It has become such an establishment that questioning things or going against what is commonly accepted can result in negative bias.  For example, the field of evolution is thought by many to be a closed book.  You either believe it or you don’t!  But in reality, it is far from being complete.  The fact is, we know that it happened, but we don’t know (yet) how it happens.  Like the universe, we only see a small amount of data with which we build our models.  We must never close our minds to new data that change the models.  Just wait until you find out exactly how modern humans evolved.  Here’s a hint – we did not come from earlier ancestors as previously thought.  Modern anatomically correct humans actually appeared in the fossil record over 200,000 years ago, virtually identical to us!  Mitochondrial DNA studies have found our ancestors as far back as about 300,000 years.  But before that, the link is still missing.  The debate is open!

Another common misconception about science fueled by its dogma is the infamous “Global Warming.”  We know that we raised the bar with carbon dioxide emissions starting at the dawn of our industrial age.  We know that the carbon isotope ratios date the atmospheric carbon the same as dinosaurs.  We also know that increasing temperatures observed since the 1850s statistically correlate to the increasing carbon dioxide levels.  But we aren’t told that the emissions can’t cause the warming – it is an association!  We aren’t told that the two byproducts of combustion are carbon dioxide and HEAT, because that would mean we need to stop burning fuels all together.  We aren’t taught that mean temperatures hundreds of years before the industrial age were much higher than today.  It is even less known that long-term temperature trends are caused by variances in solar radiation.  The sun’s output cycles may actually be affecting global mean temperatures MORE than the human-induced effect!  But the government is in charge of funding.  Academic institutions rely on Federal grants.  So if you publish data contrary to the norm, guess what?  Don’t forget that big oil doesn’t want you to stop burning!  I love a good controversy!

So why did I go to school, only to find all of these things out myself many years later?  Our education system simply does not always teach the most current knowledge, until now.  Here is the revelation: We have been teaching everything backwards!  We teach people the wrong way – we learn from the elders who we assume know all there is to know!  Due to ego, it becomes a self-serving system for people to grow to positions of power.  Those who disseminate knowledge control the population’s education.  But we don’t know all there is to know (yet)!  Education is a never-ending process and the system needs to be adapting to new information.  Why?  As the elders in our society, it is NOT our role to be the ones who know all.  It is our responsibility to give the younger generations the TOOLS to learn, so they can in turn teach us!  This is why my book is a proposal with full permissions granted to everyone willing to make hypotheses to test the model and formulate a theory!  My book is a community – the start of something new.  This is the beginning of a new age of learning how we came to be – the Independence Age!  So don’t tell me what we are, how the universe works, or how you think the next catastrophe will kill me!  Let the younger generation tell us who we are, how the universe started, and how we will live in abundance!

With this book, I give you infinite knowledge.  When you read it, you will understand what it truly means to feel one with the universe!  Everything I do, and every word I wrote comes from the heart – this is unconditional love!  This is why I was given the knowledge of the Omniverse.  Join the revolution!  follow and go to for book updates.

Don’t just become awakened; become aware. 

After all, you are the universe!

Thank you!!!

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