The Saint and The Sinner

The mind is a truly wonderful landscape for reality to be created. The mind beautifully filters from realms of pure thought. Infinite knowledge. The information of all that is. The Akashic Records. The mind filters in such a way that is custom tailored to you and your experience in life. You attract what the mind seeks out for you. This can be a good thing or a bad thing. But really, there is no bad. Only lessons to be had. Polarity, or duality, is just one of the tricks your mind can play on you.


The truth is that everything is one underlying energy. This is the universe's biggest secret! The underlying energy can be projected through infinite time and dimensions allowing everything to be exactly as it is. But in order to do so, the universe needs you. You are here to perceive this underlying energy in the way that's perfect for you. In its very essence, it is love—the attractive force of all that is. And then you begin to filter through your perception. Like a prism spliting light into a rainbow of beautiful colors, your mind allows you to experience a full spectrum of emotions and perceptions.

Your mind gives you the power to observe. At any given moment, reality contextualizes before your very eyes based on your observation. The entire timeline is constructed at every single moment. Piece-by-piece, your mind puts reality together based on how much information can be processed from infinity. And like the colors of the rainbow invisible to the naked eye, there are parts that your mind cannot perceive. And so you build upon that which you can perceive.

Our entire human experience is wrapped up inside this underlying foundation of how the subconscious works. The subconscious is your programming—quite literally. You are coded from pure information after all. You are a self-learning divinely intelligent love machine! So your mind learns what to attract based on what it already knows. In other words, you keep getting what you're getting. Until you wake up. And that's the real kicker—you have to keep experiencing the same thing over and over again until you can dissociate from the feelings attached to those experiences and gather the lessons. That means you must first acknowledge feelings. All of them. The ones swept under the carpet. The ones in the closet. Even the ones locked in the basement. They are yours, so own them. And then let them all go.

But you don't always want to let them go, do you? Thoughts are attached to beliefs, and beliefs become addictions. Even the way we perceive reality itself is based on deeply rooted beliefs in the subtle mind. Imangine if we were to take our basic reality and stack upon it all of our beliefs. Each one acts as a magnet attracting more and more. This isn't reality; this is brainwashing. No, not the kind that's forced. That's right, you even have a belief about what brainwashing should look like, don't you? It is completely self-induced, and we all do it.

Beliefs influence our behaviors, and you can recognize this in your patterns and habits. Are you really a creature of habit? What are you saying about yourself then? Can you teach an old dog new tricks? You bet! Now you're seeing how your limiting beleifs can show up in ways as simple as your own inner voice! And this is the beauty of the whole process. In doing so, you're opening yourself up. When you recognize the patterns and self talk, you automatically start listening to your heart. Your soul. You trust your gut. And that's when you notice things changing. Everything changes!

Now you perceive a different world because you have become a new person. Life is about rebirth. Your cells constantly recycle themselves as the old ones die and new ones are born. So why not view thoughts as cells of the soul? Allow your old thought patterns to naturally dissolve as their life is absorbed by the whole. Everything serves the whole.

And now I invite you to view yourself in a whole new light. There was never anything wrong with you. There was no original sin. You were simply building upon that which you perceived to be reality. And then the real you came along and showed you the way, freeing your soul. That's who you really are. And just by changing the way you view reality, you are now able to see the same in all of those around you. Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.



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