The Science behind the Law of Attraction

We've all heard the term 'law of attraction.' We've witnessed it in life. There's been enough time to observe it in action many times in one lifetime. And the sample size is just about everybody on the planet. So how can we apply our collective experience and knowledge to study this scientifically and gain even more knowledge about ourselves and our surroundings?



First, look at what we do know in the light of recent discoveries and theories. The most primal attraction we all know is gravity. It seems to work on almost everything in the physical. So it's universal. Quantum Loop Gravity is the most comprehensive theory describing gravity to date, combining Group Field Theory with a holographic model to describe the effects of gravity one tiny quanta at a time. We know gravity is an attraction between two objects in proportion to their mass. And the Higgs boson discovery showed us that interaction with a field results in particles gaining mass (that's the precursor to gravity). So these are examples of forces of attraction that affect physical things, big and small. As these forces allow particles to attract, nuclei form. The combination of particles' spin give it positive charge which then attracts opposite charges. So you see, attraction is really everywhere, holding all things together. Any argument for or against the law of attraction should consider these. And also note that what you are arguing IS what you are attracting. Snaps!

This process repeats itself on many scales. Molecules come together by bonding. Cell walls are brought together and develop a specific pattern  that's their identity. It is a code that all other cells in your body know. And this unique identity attracts more of the same. Stem cells are grown to become other cells. They know that they are part of the whole because they are attracting like cells for the highest and best good of serving the whole—YOU!

And attraction goes even deeper than our physics and even our biology. It's something we know. From a very young age, we all know a mother's love. We were attracted to be a part of her life. And the same goes for all other encounters. You were attracted to these people to find purpose in your life. To learn life lessons. To serve and help others. To protect. To love.

Now here's the part of the law of attraction that nobody tells you. Unless they do. Because I'm gonna. The law of attraction is a subconscious mode. You can put yourself in this mode to attract. First realize that you are constantly bombarded in a quantum mechanical reality by infinite possibilities. Your subconscious stores programs that can delete, distort, and generalize from this field. So you are getting a fraction of what's our there.

The law of attraction is the subconscious translating this to your mind. When you clear your blocks and expand your connection, you align yourself with the possibilities for the highest and best good. But these possibilities were already present. Now, you've trained your mind to consciously be aware of the possibilities and how they can be used to manifest anything. Yes, anything!

Your subconscious mind projects your reality onto the world. And depending on what you project from within, you narrow down and focus on possibilities that match the vibration of your projection. That's how the attraction is working. People may make it sound like magic, but it's real science. And you can hone it down to be a skilled craftsman (or woman) at projection and attracting your best. And it's good to know that, isn't it?

But wait, there's more! hehe I've always wanted to say that.

Now, knowing that this is a brand new moment, I invite you to step into the light of this new awareness as you effortlessly leave behind your old comfort zone, as it has served you in the past up until now. Once you step out of your old comfort zone, you begin projecting new energy out into the field of infinite possibilities. And the universe loves to reflect it all right back atcha! This creates a positive feedback loop, because your subconscious is changing how it takes in the data, expanding your awareness. Simply, you become even more aware of the possibilities that are right here right now. You create a new way of seeing things. And this changes everything.

Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.



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