The Science of Angel Messages

Science is based on observation. So wouldn't it benefit you by being able to expand your own ability to perceive, observe, and tap into the essence of who you are? There's definitely a science to doing just that...

Perception is a funny thing. 

Nobody's perception is the same. You can be observing the same thing, but you see it your own way, based on your map of reality. And your map is just as unique as you are. Your map is based on the information from your senses. You take in what is perfect for you, as information becomes generalized for you, distorted, or even deleted based on your values, beliefs, and biases. And whatever that creates is perfect for you!

Your nervous system is equipped with a reticular activating system, or RAS. This is kind of like a control center for your perception. As things in your life change, your RAS adapts with you, and your perception changes. If you decide to wear something new one day, you'll notice everyone else that's wearing the same thing. Even though they were wearing it before, now you're noticing it even more. You are increasing your field of awareness as you bring in new information that you are attracting based off of the energy your reflecting! 

Your RAS is influenced by your perceptory predicates, that is, whether you pick up information from seeing, hearing, feeling, and/or understanding. All of this comes together to create your map of reality. You can improve your communications with people by knowing their primary senses that color their map of reality and speak into that. And you can improve how you receive information by knowing your own map. Because neuroscience, baby! 

And knowing that you can improve your own perception, what if you could open up to previously unknown facets of your consciousness? Yea, you're like a multifaceted diamond! And you may have been seeing yourself through one of many facets. Like a diamond, all of its facets are part of the whole crystalline structure. All connected. One. 

Your consciousness is one and the same. There are many facets. Your identity is based on the facet you've observed in the past up until now. But your identity--your self-awareness--is not your consciousness. 

Everything from this point is your new science.

Your consciousness is that of the universe's. Every single subatomic particle everywhere in the universe across its entire timeline is a projection of the universe as a whole! The energy that created the Big Bang projects to each of these points. Doesn't mean reality's not real. But it's why reality is illusion. And it is so for you to set yourself free as you bring even more into your own perception. 

You grow and evolve as your awareness increases. 

Your multifaceted consciousness is the light creating the projection. Imagine shining this light into the diamond, splitting into a full spectrum of frequencies. There's your self-awareness, aka your conscious mind. And there's your subconscious, which actually drives 95% of your behaviors and actions. It's your computer code. And there's a lot more! 

Just like the spectrum of light you see in a rainbow, there's more that you don't see. The infrared is the consciousness of the quantum world all the way up to nature consciousness. Yea, you're one with Gaia! The ultraviolet spectrum are layers of consciousness on higher frequencies. Spirits. Angels and archangels. The laws of physics. Akashic records. And God. This is who you really are! 

Now the question becomes, how do you increase your awareness to observe more of who you are? 

The answer lies in your own nervous system! Your senses in the visible spectrum dictate how you observe through your higher senses. If your primary sense is seeing, you are going to be able to use your third eye to visualize angels and spirits. If your primary sense is hearing, then you may hear messages from your angels. Ever hear your name when no one called you? It's your guides! If you're kinesthetic, or feeling, then you are going to feel their presence and warmth. You will be able to feel energies, like walking into a room and sensing a light or heavy energy. And if you're the logical type, you will have a clear sense of knowing. 

Sight, hearing, feeling, and understanding translate to clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance! It really is that simple. And it's good to know that, isn't it? 


Know yourself to know yourSELF

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