The Science of Heart

The heart is a wonderful thing. It's more than just the life-circulating organ centered in our very being, and even more than the powerful energetic fields it generates. The heart transcends time itself as it pumps blood filled with iron forged by the stars billions upon billions of years ago. The heart even transcends space as the body's most powerful energy center. This is the light of who you are. And the heart has many secrets to reveal.


The heart contains the rhythm of the universe.

In a beautiful synchronistic pattern, its heartbeat circulates life. This coincides with the natural flow of energy of all things in the universe. When you break it down to the underlying energy—prana, qi, kundalini, or whatever you choose to call it—the life force is pure love. It is the same love as the underlying universal energy. The heart teaches us the existence of one love. And it's great to know that, isn't it?

The heart knows exactly what to do automatically.

The heart has its own nervous system tied to the rest of the body's nervous system. It's neural networks are powerful enough to allow the heart to live even by itself. That's how powerful this organ is inside of each and every one of us. All of these intricate designs of the heart through billions of years of evolution have led to an astounding way that the heart functions. The nervous system that interconnects everything sends all of the information completely in the background without anyone ever having to think about it. The pure loving life flow of the universe is effortlessly allowed to circulate through every cell of your existence automatically because the heart knows exactly what to do.

The heart keeps you centered.

Let's be real here. Life is chaotic. So much so, in fact, that one of the universe's physical laws is that things always (yes, always) go towards even more chaos. That is the law of entropy. Yet even amidst the chaos of life, the heart always allows us to recenter and realign. Always! The question is are you allowing it or blocking it? I used to be (yea I know, used to) headstrong all the time. In doing so, my ego, or surface mind thought, dominated my perception. However, by shifting the thought toward the heart, you become more subconsciously driven—because the heart is doing exactly what it needs to be doing completely autonomously. This shift of your surface mind to subconscious mind is what aligns you with your higher self. This allows you to be on purpose.

Act with love and compassion.

There are many ways to stay heart-centered. They all involve love. Do things out of love. Do them without expectation of anything in return. Act with love rather than judgment. Accept things as they are and people on their own paths, seeing things exactly as they are. Because you will see exactly as you are. We each have our own perception, and isn't that really the key to your uniqueness?


On my path I've learned many things that help me stay centered in heart-based living. First, every action has a higher intent. Every block has a higher intent. You can always perform a review of your own actions by analyzing the intent without judgment. The same goes for your resistance. Where are you experiencing blocks or hardships in life? What can you learn from them by acknowledging that they have served you in the past up until now? And with the new light of awareness of the highest intent, isn't it easier now to move past the blocks? There's always another way to reach the highest intent. Love is always the answer. Yes, always!

Another is that people always do the best they can with the resources they have at that time. This is powerful. Because recognizing this allows you to move past the urge to react. That creates the space for conscious loving action. Take some time to think about when someone has been allowed to push your buttons, just for one last time. What resources did they have at that time that they were acting with? How could they be given even more resources to act more constructively as we bring the future into the now? You see, what you are getting from others ia reflection from what you are giving. And knowing this makes you want to give more, doesn't it? What if you could empower people so much more so that they always have the tools to do their absolute best? And knowing that you were the one empowering this process, wouldn't you feel even better as the positivity feeds back to you rather than what you experienced in the past? Great! Now stand up. Shake it off! You have all the tools you need to get the absolute best from those lucky enough to be a part of your life right here and now in this brand new moment.

The heart is not just life—it's a way of living.

Here's where we go beyond scientific explanation. Perhaps someday we'll be able to answer this enigma, known as the 'law of attraction.' It's kind of like dark matter. We can't see or observe it, but we can observe its effects. Dark matter attracts things around it via gravity and even bends light. So we know it's there. Attraction is the root of all things in the universe and even the Omniverse. When we feel attraction, we know it as love. That is why all things are love. Honoring this process, living with love and compassion, and always doing your best to empower those around you will be observable by the effect you have on others. You are the dark matter, unseen yet powerfully energetic. Your energy attracts to you exactly what you are reflecting. So wouldn't it be great if everything you reflected was love, coming back to you exponentially greater through the natural flow of the underlying energy of all that is?

This is your heart. I invite you to breathe deep, allow your shoulders to fall behind you, opening your chest. Notice how your posture changes. Notice how your focal point moves up. Everything changes.

Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.


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