The Science of Intuition

What if we had a special type of radar built in, allowing us to predict outcomes for even more successful scientific research? What if we already knew the answers and we're somehow guided to them simply by being open to the process? Look at the great scientists that society idolizes. They all have something in common. Intuition.




Even great scientific advances that people may have thought were accidents may have been synchronicities instead. If this doesn't happen, leading to that, the"accident" may not have happened. But in every case, it did. So why do we think it was an accident in the first place? What if we could give credit to our natural ability of being intuitive. After all, when you follow your intuition, events just seem to play out more and more in your favor. Or you could go the other way and see how that works. But you already have done that, haven't you?

Once you acknowledge that the results you've gotten in the past up until now have served you in some way, you become open to letting go of your old behaviors and limiting beliefs. In doing so, you are creating space in this brand new moment. In that space, you become aligned with new lessons and gifts. All you need is an open mind. And if you're right here right now reading this, you already have an open mind!

Here's a little bonus advance teaching. Thought isn't what you think it is. For most of us, values drive behaviors. Most thoughts are looping through behaviors unknowingly. Combined with memories of the past and thoughts of dirtier outcomes, brains become very busy looping. Meditation or other relaxation techniques help to see beyond this. True thought does come through. Like Einstein's thought experiments, he sought to connect by stepping out of his normal frame of reference. This connection is how he came up with relativity. And it's available right here right now to us all. Like wifi that's available everywhere. And once connected, you're always connected!

Intuition is actually a very natural sense. There's the five senses were taught about, and then the ability to detect objects spacially. And then another sense you have is the ability to fast forward, rewind, and pause memories. That's seven! Intuition is another stores of senses. There's the gut feeling we all get, nudging you toward what's on your path. There's third eye visualization. And it's just as easy as imagination. Yes, imagination is our greatest ally in science. You visualize before you experiment. There's intuitive hearing. What does your thought sounds like? Do you hear your own words when you think? There's intuitive knowing. Some knowledge is built in.


Knowing your dominant perception strengths lead you to where your intuition is strongest. Most people are auditory, visual, kinesthetic, or auditory-digital. Knowing which strength you have will guide you in the direction of your intuitive senses. So you don't have to hear angels or see dead people. You might just get a feeling. That's all it really is. So wouldn't it be good right now to trust your gut, knowing that you are being guided towards learning even more about your higher senses and being able to apply that anywhere in life?

Science needs you to be open and adaptable. Those who don't know follow. They follow others. They follow procedures. But you follow your intuition and make discoveries! Science is a tool to learn about things we don't yet understand. The status quo does not serve you. You are here to bring things to the forefront that are not even known yet by the scientific establishment. That is how advances are made.

Look at the science of the brain and consciousness for example. There is still a general consensus that consciousness is analogous to a walking state. But there are many levels of awakening that go far beyond this. They're are multiple levels of consciousness. Intuition and pure thought tap into this consciousness. Here you will find that we do create our own realities. You create your life by design. There's science to back up these claims, and thanks to you, there's lots more to come! Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.


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