The Science of Karma

So you think you know karma? What if I could give you a whole new perspective? Would you be interested in harnessing one of the consciousness’ greatest powers allowing even more personal growth and lessons learned, moving on from past events that have actually kept you out of this power? Are you 100% free of any objection?

First disconnect from the belief that karma is something that punishes people in any way. That’s poetic justice. And yes, it can be sweet, but the true nature of karma is positive. In this light, you either work on karma or you don’t. This is because karma is growth on a spiritual level. In the physical, we don’t grow backwards do we? We can stunt our growth if we smoke cigarettes though. So like smoking, which you know is bad for your growth, lack of karma simply means you are doing something not promoting your spiritual growth. But this can be turned around. As hard as it is to quit smoking, the body can heal. And we have many bad emotional and behavioral habits that can be just as difficult to let go, but when we do, we heal. This is natural!

When we let go, we begin the healing process. Then, the magic happens. We start seeing experiences as lessons. We increase our awareness. We find new experiences and stop looping the past in our minds. Simply, we are present. This is karma. It is our lessons. Yep, that’s it!


Have you ever wondered what these lessons are, or why we experience them? Why do we see lessons repeated? Let’s go deeper into the process. Karma works on many levels. We have multiple parallel lives (past and future lives minus the human perception of a timeline) all with the same agreements to learn lessons from the perspective of the higher self. The higher self, the puppet master of this orchestration, is your subconscious mind. It is the very nature of your soul. On an epigenetic level, our blueprint, or DNA, is activated and switched on and off based on experiences of generations before we were born. It is a genetic memory. Our mitochondrial DNA encases memory from the beginning of our species. That’s nearly 400,000 years based on mtDNA studies! If that memory is present and our epigenome controls these switches, then karma is literally encoded into our existence, is it not?

So it is possible that we are encoded with some information about genetic memory that could attract us towards certain experiences. It is taught in spiritual circles that we choose experiences before we are born in this timeline. We choose a path to take in this life. We are pre-approved for this path – it is not predetermined destiny because we have the power to change it. This is the basis of free will. We hold this power always. That is unless we let ourselves be controlled by others. And that is determined by our behavioral programming since birth. Everything we have encountered has taken place to allow the subconscious to write this code into our programming. Make no mistake – we are a process of self-correcting, self-aware computer code.

Information is encoded on a cellular level in our DNA and we continue to encode our programming within the neural pathways of our brain. And this process reveals the true power of utilizing karma for the lessons. You see, as we grown, everything programs us. Out experiences determine our map of reality. What we perceive is not reality. We perceive our map of reality.The map is how we are programmed. We act and react based on how we’re mapped. That’s karma on a physical level! If we are not conscious to this process, it does so automatically. But the problem is that we keep doing this over and over – looping. So to become conscious of the process, we must first recognize that everything we think we know can and will change. Step out of your frame of reference. Use multiple vantage points to view yourself and your actions and interactions with others. Analyze. Observe. Ask yourself to reveal the lessons.

Here’s where it gets good! Because we program our subconscious through our experiences, we end up with mental blocks being formed. These are what we act out on when we react. We don’t even know it! The blocks are stored in the subconscious as subroutines that are triggered by certain events or interactions. Reacting takes you out of your power. Seeing the blocks gets you back in charge. When you step out of 1st person viewpoint, review your lessons, and acknowledge the lessons learned, the subconscious automatically removes the blocks. Ever feel like you are walking into a wall? Find the lessons! When you do, you will piece by piece tear down that wall.

What happens next will simply amaze… When lessons are learned, karma is served. We move on. We attract completely new energy. We see things in a whole new light. We resolve past disputes and everything about how we act has changed. This is what karma is all about! And how it works is just as amazing. The subconscious, as it reprograms the brain, literally manifests the creation of new neural pathways for your new, better behavior patterns.When we have new wiring, we are no longer capable of acting out on old impulses. That is the science of karma! That is the true beauty of living and loving!

Infinite gratitude for reading and sharing! Happy Easter!


Love yourself. You are the universe after all.


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