The Science of Love Part 2

You didn’t think I covered it all in the last article did you? There’s so much more! In addition to being a process of chemical stimuli, energetic fields, quantum attraction, and even universal love, there is something profound going on within us all that is all of these combined! And more!


Did you know that your cells love you? Yes, every individual cell is coded to your unique field. They want to be a part of you so they can experience something greater than themselves! Every cell lives its entire life as a member of a community (that’s you). The cycle of cells is life. We might think we are the same person, but the truth is, we are constantly being reborn! Each cell in us is a living being contributing its life to what it loves – being part of something greater than itself.

Deep in the cells where the genetic code is written, stored, and copied, we find love on the quantum scale. Photons of light are given of inside or bodies as DNA replicates. And a deep subconscious programming is taking place. Our experiences, as well as our relatives before us, are encoded as switches expressing our genes. On the epigenetic level, methyl molecules perform the physical switching based on memories in the energetic fields around us. Could this be the soul of our existence? Our pure essence? The link between physical and energetic being?

Like a cell in a larger community, our body is part of something greater than itself – the soul. We share a common experience – to live. And to learn lessons, programming our subconscious. And like cells, it takes many to make an organism. The soul, or higher self, is composed of many parallel lives (past, present, and future), aligned with the same divine purpose. You may not even know it yet, but you are a cell in this infinite being. This is love on a soullular level!

Our souls experience a kind of love that we can feel in our lives. This is the holy grail of love – soul mate and twin flame relationships. Soul mates are family and friends, even lovers, but twin flames are meant to be together. However, many twin flames might already exist together without even knowing it. It is not destiny. It is something we create. Our universe is malleable, and we even have the power to create new universes, writing the script for twin flame relationships throughout all of our parallel lives.

The twin flame love is enlightening. There is nothing you have to do to find it. Nothing you have to get. No conditions to it. It is pure unconditional love, like the universe loving you. The more we try to seek this love, the more illusion of separation we create. This is why I don’t trust anyone saying they can find your twin flame. It is already something whole and complete within you. What you reflect becomes what you attract. If you reflect complications and conditions, even separateness, we can only guess what comes next!

All of this conditioning must be stripped away until nothing but love is left. It can be as easy our as hard as you make it. Transcend your blocks, let the subconscious reprogram with pure love, and love will find you! In a relationship, we are comfortable being naked together, yes? Similarly, in a twin flame relationship, or souls are comfortable being naked together. And our souls merge, creating a sense of oneness in the moment. This is what we really are. This is love! This is the true beauty of the universe.

Thank you for reading and embodying the highest and best intent of spreading my messages of love into this universe and any other we create! It is done, it is done, it is done!


Peace, love, and knowledge


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  1. Yes! So true: What you reflect becomes what you attract. Such great insights -you are gifted in your observations and understandings.

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