The Science of Manifestation

You have the power within you to manifest your life! Your manifestations are already around you in the physical form. The ones not in physical form are waiting for your mind to clear a block. It’s that simple! And of course my favorite part: it’s science! Like angels, we are actually beings of energy first – this is the true essence of the self, or soul (see my two previous posts, Scientific Evidence of Angels and Scientific Evidence of the Soul).


Our entire existence is a manifestation of thought. Every particle throughout the entire universe is part of this manifestation, because it takes place on the highest level of consciousness – the universal level. It helps to visualize the entire universe as a single entity – a singularity. The Big Bang is a physical extension of the singularity from the point in which it reaches an exited state. My book entitled Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse explains this process. Because it is one, all parts act together in a process known as quantum entanglement. Einstein discovered this in an attempt to squash quantum physics, only to strengthen it instead. Groups of entangled particles act together to form matter which converges into stars, planets, and life! Think of how all of the cells of your body act together – even the majority of which are not even part of your body. This is entanglement! This is a higher level of consciousness in action. Just like your autonomic nervous system, you don’t have to think about it. It just works!

But here’s where it gets good. You can control this process. The first key: BREATH. It is autonomic and can be controlled with your mind. It is the key to deep meditation, which allows you to experience different levels of consciousness. Yes, this too is science! Our brain can change states in terms of the brainwaves we emit. When we focus on the breath, we automatically silence the mind, allowing direct communication with our higher consciousness levels. This allows us to align ourselves with our divine path – our life’s purpose.

We can focus on what is for the highest and best good to help us along this path. And this is where manifestation begins. Synchronicities happen when we are aligned. We start seeing signs everywhere that confirm our path. And then we can take it further. By focusing on the highest and best intentions, with the feeling of love and gratitude, we can hone this skill down to manifest even more of what fulfills us in life! Love and abundance for example. Support and new career paths can be manifested. There is no limit!

And since I’m on this manifestation path right now as an indie author with a book not only changing my life, but changing the scientific landscape of how we understand our universe, I am going to divulge the universe’s secrets! I do so because I love science and am very thankful that the universe works in such a way. Your thoughts create your reality. Things got you down? Change the way you think and watch your surroundings change with you. Wanna know how we can do such a thing? Get ready for a wild ride!

Our universe follows simple principles of quantum science. Everything we observe is the sum of the probabilities representing the most likely outcome. If we align ourselves with the desired outcome, we are in control of these probabilities.  And it gets even better! The universe itself is the sum of its probabilities. Each different probability is a parallel universe. Yes, they are real! Each parallel universe has within it a different outcome for any given situation. Your job is to navigate through the infinite possibilities and align yourself with the path of the highest and best good. And you get to literally surf the parallel universes to do this!

Maybe you used to be one of those people who let life happen to them. They just get stuck in one place. But now you have the power to move where you want to be and change your surroundings and outcomes as you do! This is the science of manifestation! You are n control of your life, and you create your reality by creating the highest and best outcome from a sea of infinite parallel universes! You are now the ultimate life hacker!

If you would like more information about my book (available now at  Balboa Press, Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and other retailers), please go to and follow As I surf the infinite possibilities, I will be bringing more to you on this omniblog and in future books! With deep love, I thank you for reading and sharing this insight with the world.


Everything we know about the universe is going to change.

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