The Science of Synchronicity

Have you ever been thinking of someone you haven’t talked to in a long time, and then they called you our sent a message? What about remembering loved ones who transitioned in the past, only to find signs that remind you of them. It could be a bumper sticker on the car in front of you with a similar message like something they used to say. Or just a song on the radio that they sang to you as a child. It can be recurring numbers you see time and time again. This happens to all of us! This is synchronicity, and it is one of the universe’s best kept secrets. Until now! 

What if I were to tell you that synchronicity happens for a reason, and by opening yourself up, you can experience even more signs? All the time!


There’s a science to synchronicity. Now, before you try to downplay it and dismiss it as coincidence, I want to remind you that this is only negative thinking. Straight from the ego. I have seen too many people in science do just that, but what is scientific about assuming coincidence? Nothing! You might as well be telling yourself to sit down and shut up. No! These things happen for a reason. Just because we don’t understand the reason as of yet does not mean that the signs are any less significant.

A synchronicity is simply something that you put along your own path too give you a gentle nudge in the right direction. It is done in agreement with the universe around you. The nature of the universe is that it follows rules of quantum physics. This is the realm of infinite possibilities. And for the universe, time is not linear. ALL time exists. Space is not empty. It is energy. Objects are energy and distance between them an illusion.

The universe acts as one. One quantum computer. One consciousness. Like a multitasking computer program, our physical realities are thought into existence, each with a linear time frame. This is why we perceive time the way we do. As a focal point of the universe, or consciousness, each of us is born into this world. Each of us is also born from the nonphysical, quantum realm. We are energy, just like everything else! We carry this energy into or physical existence as love. By living a loving existence, we open the infinite possibilities. We create our own paths to follow. We help humankind and the environment by bringing peace, love, and knowledge.

So when you see synchronicities, think in terms of what it means for you to help spread even more peace, love, and knowledge, rather than dismissing as coincidence. Think scientifically. Look for an explanation, not a dismissal. Too many times we miss opportunities in life because we might have missed the meaning. So be open to infinite possibilities that life has to offer! This is what it means to be awake.

You may also notice that infinite possibilities is a recurring theme in my book, Grand Slam Theory the Omniverse, which asks the question of how we came to be even before time even existed. This is not coincidence! I found my path to bring peace, love and knowledge. And since then I have been seeing the signs to continue writing. I have a children’s book explaining the concept the Omniverse, Tree People of Tepui, and I will be continuing with my next book about the science of enlightenment! Thank you for reading and sharing!


The universe has something it wants you to know…

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