The Science of the Afterlife

What happens when the body dies? Yes, this is an age-old question, and if we pursue this objectively, can we use science to answer it? Some may instantly go to religious or anti-religious beliefs to answer this, but there is an explanation. We just have to become open to receiving the answer. And I will guides us through this process. Simply trust the process. And I know what you are thinking right now. This must be pseudoscience then, because your belief system, whatever it is (and whatever it is is perfect for you at the moment, as it has served you up until now), didn't allow yourself in the past to grasp new ideas that weren't already backed by hard science. That's me in the past. But I got over it. I had to in order to allow new ideas to enter my thoughtstream. New ideas that explained some of the universe's greatest mysteries and beyond.


And I will say this—call it pseudoscience if it serves you, but all science at one point was just a question. Just a vision. The world needs us to be visionaries. We must seek questions to find the truth. And as more and more evidence comes through, even what was thought to be true can change. But with this one question of what happens when the body dies, notice how you can effortlessly allow yourself to just ponder the question. And remember that even Einstein himself didn't discover anything through rational thinking. He envisioned his problems using his imagination. He went outside his normal perceptual positions to see what happens when you approach the speed of light. Until backed by science, Einstein's relativity was pseudoscience. And might I add that he could never accept the science of quantum mechanics? You are here right now to forge ahead and reach new ground in your scientific endeavor!

And you wanna know something about Einstein's findings about the speed of light? As we approach the speed limit, our perception would bend. We wouldn't see normally. Rather, we'd see light from a smaller point ahead. Envision a tunnel. What is the light at the end of the tunnel? And what is the one vision described by countless people who have had near-death experiences? Yup. A tunnel. So are you ready to take a journey in this tunnel to find out the truth behind the illusion? Let's go!

Through extensive background research of quantum physics for my book along with a meditation practice, I have come across some very profound realizations that allow a scientific framework to be used to envision this journey.



First, I want to bust a certain perception installed in our mindset by religion. The Bible has the teaching of the Christ. But somehow after a couple millennia, we interpreted it different. The kingdom of Heaven is at hand. What this means is twofold. First, our perception is what drives our experience in the living. Your thoughts create your reality. This is the observer effect in quantum mechanics. When applied everyday, our perception can be a powerful tool to manifest good or bad things in life. Not that bad things won't happen, but you can allow yourself to find the good within the lessons. Secondly, a good reason why Heaven is right here and now is that you are the afterlife of stars! Yup, stars live and die to create the atoms you are made of. The iron in your blood formed billions of years ago. The water in you is older than the sun itself. You are the result of billions of years of physical evolution. And it feels good knowing this, doesn't it? Heaven's not a place you go. It's a reality you create right here and now.


Ever wonder what a thought is? Is it even physical? We can measure brainwaves and even see active regions of the brain while stimulated in different ways. And this is just the beginning. Einstein conducted thought experiments. He would open himself up like a channel. Do we generate thought, or are we like a receiver for ideas. I can tell you that receiving is a great way to learn. I have learned that the mind is not the brain. The mind is the nonphysical. Pure thought. And it is expandable. Then I found out that this is actually studied in psychology. Let's look further into this process... First, allow your brain to play through its prerecorded looping. Yea, that's what we typically think thought is, but it's not. It's memories and interpretations of past events. Once the thoughts become calm, the looping stops and the mind becomes open. In this sense, thought is like an open channel and you are a receiver or antenna. The universe holds the secret to the broadcast. Death of the body might be only turning off the ability to pick up the signal. What happens next then?


Ready to bust another perception misconception? Consciousness is not awareness or identity. Self awareness is not self evident. Awareness may be a function of consciousness, but there are many more levels. We mainly know of the conscious mind (or ego) and the subconscious (the programming). Consciousness is really like a flowing energy. Just like growth. Like biological evolution. And all things have some level of consciousness. You are an advanced form. But even the tiniest of particles has some form of rudimentary decision-making process that allows each particle to be. You are this process multiplies trillions upon trillions of times! Everything has come together in such a way to make your life possible right here and now in this little corner of the universe—the Goldilocks Zone. And as humans evolve, you become increasingly aware of higher levels of consciousness that your brain can perceive as your mind becomes even more open. Consciousness flows through an open mind. In human terms, the one thing that helps facilitate this process is simply love. Love is the highest expression of consciousness.

And given that the universe is full of ever-evolving energy manifesting into physical reality, wouldn't it make sense that consciousness is a part of us that never dies? Or maybe I should say that we are part of consciousness. We die and consciousness keeps manifesting itself as life. That's evolution.


Here's another perception misconception: linear time. That's how we perceive things, from start to finish. Like traveling from point A to point B. We might perceive a linear path. However, according to quantum mechanics, an object will take all possible paths throughout the entire universe, and our perception narrows down these possibilities to the most likely path we can understand—a straight line. But there are no straight lines in space. Nothing is as it seems. Even time itself follows these crazy rules of quantum physics. That means that all possibilities of time exist. So rather than perceiving some sort of afterlife, or life after death, envision your lifetime right now as if you can view the entire timeline. Notice how you can effortlessly rewind and fast forward, viewing the entire lifetime as a motion picture. Now imagine multiplying this process like you had several screens on at the same time. This is the control room. Where it really is may be out of our universe! And it is where you are right now—not in the physical body. I invite you to find yourself. By doing so, notice how you can view time without linear perception. When you view the screens, notice how each is part of a story of you. Rather than needing to believe in an afterlife, notice how you can allow your story to play through on the screens as your body right here and now becomes even more purpose-driven for the highest and best good of your evolution. Be present.

So you see, there's no longer a need to believe that Heaven is a place to go. The afterlife isn't really needed either, given your expanded awareness of nonlinear time. Life serves a purpose. And life always continues. Life always evolves. This is the law of nature. You are becoming something greater in the here and now. That is one of the great secrets of life!

Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.


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