The Science of the Impossible

From what conditioning have you been pretending to have thought that modern scientific advances are made by accident? What truths have you then been hiding from yourself about the process of discovery? How did you put forth the illusion that you were not an active part of this human awakening? Now you're ready for what's next:

Everything happens on purpose. In other words, there are no accidents. Moreover, there's a reason and an explanation behind everything. Even that which seems random. You see, we make up words to discount that which we do not yet understand. Random isn't a thing. It's just data that we are conditioned to think has no order. Just because no one has yet to see the order doesn't mean it's not there. In fact, a recent study actually found just that--order in a system thought to be random. 

Same thing with coincidence. The literal meaning just means things happening together. But we give it meaning (if we allow ourselves). There's no such thing as coincidence in a universe of infinite possibilities! Everything happens on purpose. There are no accidents. And here's why:


I've got a hunch...

If you replace the belief that things happen by accident with the belief that we are guided to stumble upon discoveries, seeming to be accidental, you open up a whole new can of possibilities on your astronomical self. Because now you're allowing yourself to be open to higher guidance, such as your higher self and your guides. You have subconscious programming driving 95% or more of your behaviors and results. This programming is tapped into the field of infinite possibilities in which you live. When you are open to possibilities, your internal compass guides you. This is intuition, aka a hunch or feeling. Ever say you've got a feeling this might work? You're already listening! 

Now that you know the internal compass is present, have you ever doubted it? And what results did you get when you second guessed yourself? This is a process of honing down your intuition to be more precise. And you're probably already doing it! 

The greatest discoveries and advancements in science and technology aren't all by accident. People were guided in one way or another to test the one thing that led to their breakthrough. And you can develop and fine-tune this skill. 

How, you ask? Look at the statistical outliers of successful people. The people who seem to find the order within the chaos. Richard Bandler, a computer scientist, did this when he studied psychologists that consistently had been getting results with patients where others spent years of therapy with little to no results. He elicited each of their strategies and creates the field known as neurolinguistic programming, or NLP. You can use these techniques to elicit strategies of top scientists and technological entrepreneurs. You can use it to open people's minds up to new possibilities. I've been using it here. 😉

Look at other examples in other fields. Warren Buffet consistently astounds traders by using methods that aren't consistent with the norm. But where the norm yields results as good as the market, his were consistently beating the market. There's thinktanks that user his method for a different systems investing in the stock market with excellent results. When you examine the stock market and even other human behavior with enough precision, you find predictable results. That's how people are beating the market. 

And this can be applied anywhere. The only limitations in science are the methods behind the business of making tests proprietary and patenting to keep technology out of others' hands. Elon Musk takes the opposite approach. Yet he has developed technology that's fast-forwarding our progress as you read this. And he gives it all away! In doing so, he is creating exponential growth. 

The next step in science is taking exponential growth to the strategy of discovery. And it's already happening. You can experience this simply by tapping into your intuition. Elicit strategies and hone your skills. 

If I'd never listened to my intuition, humanity still may not have discovered the Omniverse. And my writing has led me to scientific enlightenment. I've experienced people undergoing kundalini syndrome, a process by which mind and body separate to allow uninhibited flow of pure universal information. It is very real, although a scientific explanation eludes me at the moment. It is a sign that there is a higher power of ourselves that we're tapping into. 

So we can explain NASA's "impossible" EM drive as an accident. We could stretch the truth to explain with more external circumstances like alien technology. Or you can just look within. The answers are already known on deeper levels of subtle consciousness. All you have to do is allow the 95% that's known to become present in the 5% surface mind to become aware. It's just becoming present. And it's good to know that, isn't it? 


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