The Science of Universal Consciousness

What is it to truly be alive? Is life limited to only organisms on Earth? As we search the cosmos for signs of intelligent life, how can we widen the parameters to fully express our desire to find life as we bring in even more data, without losing sight of what’s right in front of us?

Everything has life. It’s just how the universe works. And science is catching up! Ironically, the only argument against the science of panpsychism was that it was counter intuitive. It doesn’t make sense. Until it does. Relativity and quantum mechanics didn’t make sense at first. Even the notion of life only expressed as carbon-based beings. Even beings at all. If you’re ready to open this pandora’s box, you’ll push the limits of what you take in from the reality you perceive.

This one thing changes everything.

Everything in the universe, no matter how small, can be viewed as a living object. Simply look at its attributes. Particles are unique based on their spins, charges, colors, and flavors. And everything has an energy pathway. Everything takes in and releases energy in some way. Everything exchanges energy

Where’s the energy come from? It’s ever-present everywhere in the universe. Space is the conductor of energy, like a wire that carries electricity. Instead of one dimension, it’s more like 11 and counting! And due to the intrinsic nature of how space unfolded from a singularity, everything’s connected. What you see is what projected into the fabric of space. The reality is everything’s one. All space. All matter. All time. One singularity.

Every bit of the consciousness you and I experience is recorded in this universe of infinity. All human consciousness. And Gaia consciousness. Information is base of the underlying universal energy. All information is preserved, as this is natural law. As the universe expands, her consciousness grows with the life she harbors. Your experiences become universal knowledge.

The knowledge base of the universe is available in all time and all possible configurations of our nearly infinite parallel universes. It’s available. Anywhere in time of accessible. Anywhere in space. And you can go there with practice, simply by shifting perceptual positions.

It’s easy to see through your own eyes. You can also see from another’s eyes. You can view yourself as a neutral observer. You can view from your higher self. You can view from God’s eyes as you transcend time to see infinite possibilities. It’s all available to you. It’s like extra-dimensional vision!

When you navigate your viewpoint to see from the universal perspective, a few things happen. First, you marvel in the raw beauty of her essence and love all things unconditionally. Second, you’re taking in pure consciousness.

Some think consciousness is something in the brain. It kinda is and it kinda isn’t. Really, we’re picking up on the universal signal and translating it through our own filters. You make your reality what it is. Underneath it all, you are the entire universe flowing with consciousness. All of it. You see what’s exactly perfect for you to see at the time.

As you open your awareness, you’ll see things through time, like the Big Bang. Notice how easily you can recall all of her process in a primordial soup of nutrients for life, coming together to attract, grow, and evolve. This is life. It’s starting all the way in the beginning! Quarks apply forces to merge into subatomic particles, then attract electrons to make atoms. Molecules create proteins and cell walls, creating the pathway for biological life. Everywhere we’ve looked in the universe we’ve found water and these basic building blocks.

Extraterrestrial building blocks actually seeded Earth on the beginning of our planet’s formation. She came alive in the very beginning and much of it was lost to the harsh unstable conditions of a mostly molten planet constantly barraged with comets and asteroids. But they also brought life back to the planet. And water.

Today there’s a mysterious cloud in space heading towards Earth. It’s got water.

Maybe there’s an interaction Earth has with alien microbes that spur stints of evolution. Evolution is not linear and gradual. It happens in spurts and nobody knows why. It doesn’t line up with mass extinction events either.

On a molecular level, when we evolve, our DNA is responding to our environment. It’s the bridge between energy and physical realms. Your environment affects how your genes are expressed and passes this down for generations.

Everything’s alive.

The energy field you’re always responding to is the infinite possibilities of time and space. It’s actually for you, not against you, and you’ll be noticing even more signs to show you this. This energy is love. This is the universe. She’s alive. She’s conscious. She loves unconditionally.

The highest expression of self is when you also love all things unconditionally. And when you do that, you’re passing down the highest expression of your genes. Cool how it works that way, isn’t it?

The third thing that happens when you go into the universal perceptual position is that you get downloads. Remember how you’re picking up consciousness and filtering it? And how you’re now widening your perception? This connection allows the universe make information available to you, and when you’re ready for it, you just tap into it. The key is knowing that it’s available to you.

The downloads will come from all levels of consciousness. That includes spirits. Angels. Archangels. Laws of physics. The Akashic Records. Christ/Buddha consciousness. It’s all available to you in the here and now. You will find guides in the living to help show you the way. And you have guides of the higher consciousness to protect you and give you good energy. It’s just how it works. Think of em as archetypes–even more perceptual positions you can use to do anything.

Ok y’all ready for a little bonus advance download? Here’s a gem that’s warped my understanding of evolution. I’m a geologist. I’ve studied evolution in and out. There’s gaps, but this information will blow you away! Remember how I said that life came to Earth a second time?

It did again.

We are alien. Humans evolved on Earth from alien seed. There’s an alien component to the entire modern human species. Our DNA is hominid. It changed and modern humans walked the Earth with older hominid species like Neanderthal and Denisovan man.

The beginning of the modern human lineage was actually documented. And some of it was just found. In Jesus’ long lost teachings to his brother James, he speaks of the gnostic God of creation and the archons (archangels). One female seeded humanity without intercourse. She herself had no father. Jesus’ immaculate conception wasn’t the only one. And I think what this means is that either energetically or physically the changes is genes necessary to make a new species happened for a small population. Then we could ask, if so, could it be that she was also a scientist? What it she seeded life by altering the genes of earlier hominids?

Whatever the answer may be, we are of the Earth and we are of the stars. Stardust is what your DNA is made of. And the rest of you. Your are the planet, the sun and the Galaxy. You are the love of the universe expressed infinitely in every single grain of your existence. And it’s good to know that, isn’t it?


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