The Secret of Great Science

When I was young, I found myself doing better in some classes yet worse in others. This is something we all go through. Each of us has different types of intelligence that allow us to excel in some areas. I was the weird one – the kid who loved science. Dare I say, nerd? But I didn’t do so well with language. Yet, other people were great at this subject. At the time, I didn’t question it – I just went with my insticts to study science further. This would set me on the path I find myself traveling today. And on this journey I have realized how our differences may seem to alienate us, yet strengthen us as a community. But we must realize this strength within us to prevent alienation.

Science students learn to communicate in technical terms – it’s just the way we understand things. This allows us to effectively communicate with eachother. We learn technical terms and writing styles, and some who really excel and continue their studies are really put through the ringer as they publish scientific research. This is the real meat of science – to publish your work. But it can be very difficult and competitive. People strive to make a name for themselves so they can be recognized. It becomes ego-based. And worse, it creates a separation with other groups of people. Scientific articles are written for scientists who have access to scientific journals, and it becomes self-serving. It is still necessary to advance science, but what can we do to include even more people in the dissemination of scientific advances?

I’ll tell you what. We communicate! Not just with a smaller subset of the community that understands the technical mumbo-jumbo, but with EVRYONE! Albert Einstein once said that if you can’t communicate your ideas in simple terms, then you don’t understand it well enough. And he was absolutely correct. Science only becomes self-serving by alienating people. After all, there is no real separation – that is part of the illusion we must overcome in life! Yet, so many times I have heard brilliant minds dwell in the negativity of insulting others on a different level of intellect. And even those who know the secret might still compound the separation by calling others ‘lay’ people. No! Everyone has the ability to understand when we teach ourselves how to effectively communicate!

When I look at the global community and see how people separate themselves in arguments of science versus religion, what is really happening is the illusion of separation controlling people’s egos. But this can easily be rectified. You see, religion was around first and asked the same question: How did we come to be? In the days of alchemy and early science, we went underground to further explore this question. We have different explanations now, but each shares one common thing – creation. Even evolution has a starting point. Biochemical reactions preceded early life, and simple molecules preceded complex ones. Atoms created by stardust combined to form these molecules. The stars and gas and dust clouds formed from a primordial soup of quarks and gluons in the early universe. And in the beginning – there was the Big Bang. When you dessect this story, you see the common theme taught by religion. A basic analogy, one of the most powerful tools for communicating science, was used by the ancients to describe creation. Seven days were simply seven steps of evolution of the universe! Yes, it’s really that simple! The key to resolving any dispute is communication. The key to teaching the concepts is communication. The key to presenting concepts as analogies is… You guessed it – communication!

The beauty of communication doesn’t stop there either. It is simply the most powerful tool each of us can use in all walks of life. It can enhance your personal and business relationships, as well as your relationship with yourself. In this sense, I am but a newbie learning my way to communicate with the outside world. I have made mistakes and bottled up my own emotions because I could not effectively communicate my feelings. But on paper, I could communicate complex scientific ideas in simple terms. That’s exactly what my book is – a simple explanation of the universe as a whole! And now I am taking it to the next level, simply because I learned to open my heart and communicate even more freely. I honor my feelings and how I make you feel. I realize there may be the illusion of conflict when presenting my scientific proposal of the Omniverse and communicate with love in my heart to resolve conflict in the reader’s minds. In doing so, we are one, regardless of all walks of life and the paths we choose to take. How we communicate reflects ourself to others, and others will always reflect back ourselves!


For more information on my book, Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse, go to and follow It is available at Balboa Press, Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and other retailers. And the best thing is simply this – it is for everyone!


“Take ownership for how your communication is received. The response you get from someone is a reflection of how you framed your communication. Have you noticed how two people can make a similar request and one is met with resistance while the other is met with acceptance? What’s different? The way you wield your energy, words, body language, and intent determines the response you get.”

– Niurka

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