The Secret Sauce

When you realize the secrets of the universe have everything to do with the life you're living and what you're attracting—love, blessings, money—then you continually thirst for more. What you thirst for is the juicy flow of all that is. This is the realm of peace, love, and knowledge. And yes, it is all available right now for you. 

So just what is this secret sauce of the universal flow?

You know it as attraction. You feel attraction as love. Love is all there is. And I got science to prove it! Now, I know a lot of people tend to be in denial about such profoundities based on their own beliefs (or disbeliefs). So recognizing one's own bias is the first key to open the doors of infinite perception. You are going to go on a trip into the realms of the unknown and come right back loving every bit of it! 

You might be asking right now, if the universe is love, why hasn't it been discovered by our scientists? Well, truth is, top scientists are looking for the secret sauce. There's an underlying energy thought to be the source of all of the fundamental forces of nature. Theoretical particle physicists are hard at work to explain the unexplainable. They smash protons together to see what happens in the aftermath and keep discovering new particles of matter and force. The Higgs Boson was just the beginning! Now there's a fifth fundamental force. So every step of the way we get closer to finding the underlying energy.

It's a unifying force—one that all others are composed of. As we get closer, we find new explanations for both known and unknown. We find multidimensional explanations to explain things like how gravity works. First we had Newton's laws, then Einstein's relativity. But then quantum physics blew the doors of perception wide open—and may provide answers to the secret sauce. Because the quantum realm is completely different, it requires letting go of what we thought was reality. And that opens up a whole new realm of infinite possibilities! 

There's new explanations now overturning even Einstein's proven science. And a lot more! Gravity might not even be a thing, nor dark matter. They could just be emanations of the sauce. There's still bringing things together. So really all we're doing is explaining all the flavors of attraction. And in doing so, we realize how much more there really is to know.

And all of this leads us back to knowledge of the self.

The fact is, you are a product of universal attraction. You are the universe coming back together into a very beautiful package! Separation via the Big Bang is part of the illusion. Every grain of your existence is a holographic projection from the universe as a whole. That means you are whole and complete. So love the universe you're in, because you're loving yourself! 

And now, as you embody this attraction of universal love within yourself, you notice new ways of seeing yourself. You can shift perceptual positions and see yourself from above. In this space you can now view your past, present, and the future you're creating. This allows you to process your emotions without being attached. Imagine not being attached to past trauma! Yes, your subconscious is actually designed to process these for you. All you have to do is let it tell your story without being held to your story, and the pieces of the illusion begin to fall apart.

The real reality begins to show itself to you. The universe is outweighed in favor of your existence. It has always been for you, not against you. That;s why the universe is filled with matter, not antimatter. Because you matter! And in this new light of awareness and total self-love, notice how the attraction of all that is in this universe is creating you by your own design. You are in control. You are tapped into the flow of the secret sauce. And that means your attraction is on fire baby!

YOU get to manifest the love, the blessings, and abundance of free-flowing money in your life right here and now. You can manifest your own consciousness in the form of angels, spirits of loved ones past, even the laws of physics. They channelled through me before I even knew the secrets to reveal the OMNIVERSE. And the blessings keep coming through every brand new moment!

The key to overcoming your bias is to tap into your beliefs—the very coding of your perception. Then, block-by-block, you start taking down your walls. You see yourself as you really are. You are love. You are flow. You are consciousness. And you are connected. That's the secret sauce—it's the flow of your consciousness everywhere in the universe bringing it all back home. Home is where the heart is. Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.


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