The Soul Mate Secret

Your soul mate, your one and only twin flame, is in your life right now, whether you recognize it or not. How many people are searching for their soul mate or twin flame? It is what each of us desires – to be with our kindred spirit. But what I just said contradicts what we’re taught by some within the spiritually-minded community.

The sole reason for the contradiction is that we have created a desire. Take away what you want, and find what IS. This is why it is so important to realize that all of the love you need is within you. Right here right now! Become a beacon of this love and turn it into light. Shine brightly for the world to see. Then magically, you become aligned with the universe, and others like you enter your realm of perception. This is known as the ‘law of attraction.’

So where have we gone astray? If you are like me, you have gone beyond searching and started creating conditions for this merging of spirits. Yet I find myself waiting… I say to myself, “It is within. I am ready. I have learned lessons. Many fucking lessons!” But I realized that I’m not supposed to hold those lessons to myself. After all, I am the universal consciousness, just like you! There are lessons that I must share about attraction. That is why I am here.

Let’s use me as the example and call this ‘Attraction: you’re doing it wrong.’ The first lesson is to perceive beyond the desire. Check. The second lesson is to focus on giving. What you give is what you attract. Check. But there’s a lot more to the picture that I was missing. Was!

The third lesson is about perception itself. The illusion of reality. We must overcome the feeling of separateness. That feeling is manifesting. And we are not separate! As I found in my own work, Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse,  we are all aspects of one singularity. One universe. One consciousness. We are infinite possibilities!


Overcoming the illusion of separateness is more than just knowing we are all as one. It is a practice. And by practice I mean do it every day! Be loving and compassionate. Be nice. Treat people with respect and genuine caring. That can be hard to do with all of the assholes out there, but that’s what we signed ourselves up to do! People have done it their entire lives, including Mother Teresa and Ghandi. It is not only possible, but you will see it is the path with the least amount of resistance. You spend less energy being nice and forgiving than if you had to hold onto grudges or dish out dirty laundry.

There’s also a hidden lesson when it comes to oneness. Even if we embrace this, our thoughts and actions can be going the opposite direction. I spoke about ‘divine timing’ recently. Think about when someone says that things were meant to happen. Someday you are meant to cross paths with your twin flame. Time doesn’t exist outside of our perception! What are we really saying here? We are putting that timeline into place and putting constraints on our attraction based on our own limiting beliefs. Even worse, we’re saying to the field of infinite possibilities that we’re not ready! Words like ‘tomorrow’ and ‘someday’ only work to prolong our presence. Be ready now!

Another way we fight ourselves is the pursuit. Ah, the pursuit. The pursuit of happiness. The pursuit of love. Maybe we have fallen in love with the pursuit rather than what we pursue! What if I could tell you how to end the pursuit, empowering even more love to come pouring into your life? Would you be willing to take this to the next level?

Good! What I am going to tell you now is the opposite of what many have instructed me: Analyze everything! Find only the positive intentions and weed out anything that prolongs the illusion of separateness. I say this because people want to take advantage of us. When we analyze, we see the intentions are merely to energy exchange. Simply, people want money. But by paying into this exchange, are we really getting what they say? For example, if I pay someone to find my twin flame, what am I putting out into the field of infinite possibilities?

Let’s analyze this. If I ask someone to find love, that means that my core belief is that I don’t have love. Bam! That’s creating separation! Worse off, that means I don’t believe in myself. Back to step one. Infinity within! Step two. I love. I give love. Step three. We are one. We are together. Now go back to the very first line. Your soul mate or twin flame is in your life right now. All you have to do is open your eyes!

If you came to me and read this, then you are making it happen! Congratulations. Thank you for reading. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for being beautiful – it’s who you are! It is done. It is done. It is done.


Love the universe you’re in!

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