The Soul of the Universe

Just what the actual heck are we? What is the human condition? We can easily say that we are the universe experiencing itself, but we are about to venture forth to explain what that really means! To explore the meaning of being human, let’s view from a different perceptual position. Instead of life happening to you, you are happening to life! You are observing. Now, things are going to start changing for the better for the you that you are observing! Ready? Let’s go!


Before we were human, our bodies evolved. Somewhere down the line, we became self-aware, and our brain growth allowed us to experience complex emotions and intelligence. We identify with ourselves and others, forming communities. Yet, identity and self awareness are often confused with consciousness. As we observe ourselves evolving, going back in our timeline, notice how our bodies formed from communities of cells and even other organisms. Everything works in concert to create a living evolving being.  We were multiple levels of evolving consciousness before we became self aware.

Going back further in the evolutionary timeline, we trace our roots to unicellular beings. Interestingly, or pineal gland houses the body’s master cell. In a way, we are unicellular with a massive community. But even a cell is a community of proteins and lipids. Nature had to create complex biomolecules to work together in concert to make a working cell. And the cell walls’ receptors give rise to it’s identity. Every cell that’s part of our bodies retains a specific identity. But is that what we are? Are we more than our identity?

The molecules were formed by atoms forged in nuclear reactions inside stars and then spread out into the universe when stars went supernova. This process of stars living and dying happened for generations in order to create the atoms our bodies and our planets are made of. As I like to say, we are the afterlife of stars! And of course, that makes this heaven on Earth!

Now let’s dig deeper… There’s something missing if we are only observing the objects in these reactions. Energy! Everything is moving and assembling itself on a physical level in our 13.8 billion years of evolution in the universe. What is the source of the energy behind all of this? Energy is broken down into four main forces responsible for creation and attraction of matter from the fundamental building blocks. These are electromagnetism, gravity, weak force, and strong nuclear force. But believe it or not, these are still physical, as they are represented by particles we observe. Are we the particles? Are we energy?

Now we’re pushing the boundaries of scientific knowledge about ourselves and our universe. You see, the four forces are all different manifestations of one underlying energy. Now we’re getting somewhere! All matter is essentially energy. And there is also a nonphysical component to everything. This is the soul of the universe. Our soul. And just as the physical realm evolves into our bodies, the nonphysical evolves into our higher self. Our mind. We are constantly surrounded by energies we interact with on this level, affecting our physical bodies. The nature of our interaction with energy influences the nature of our bodies! That means health!

But that’s still not what we are. Here’s where it gets good! We have learned things in such a way that we develop beliefs which become programs that determine how we perceive our surroundings. Many believe we are the soul. Ready for this? This is a limiting belief! There’s still more, and I’ll show you how to navigate scientifically with an open mind to discover the unknown…

Just like us, we think the universe has a beginning and an end. But in reality, these are intertwined. All possibilities of time exist. All possibilities of the universe exist. This means that the universe can manifest itself, in its entirety, into every single component in the observable universe. This is why we observe quantum entanglement. Everything is one. And this is the nature of the singularity-the universe “before” the Big Bang. Thus, we are observing the infinite expression of a singularity into the physical and nonphysical components. What this means is that every subatomic particle, atom, protein, and cell in our body is an expression of one singularity. We are the universe, exponentially! In other words, you and I are infinite expressions of love!

Love is the underlying energy that forms the basis of all kinds of attraction. Every universe formed in our quantum reality and every living thing in the universe is just manifestation of love! And when we observe this process, suddenly our outlook changes. Now we’re changing the outcome. That means our lives get better! Knowledge is the REAL self-help! And doesn’t it feel great knowing that at any time, we can step or of our normal way of viewing things and now, in light of what we know about ourselves, we can view from the position of universal love?

That’s what it’s all about, people! We CAN be unconditional love in everything we are and everything we do. Wanna know the next big secret? We may be more than just the soul of the universe and even the universe in its entirety! You see, there’s an underlying process going on. We see the beginning of the universe as the singularity state, but all of the energy was already there. It came from something even greater: the Omniverse. There is a source of love so great, and it continually transmutes this love into universes full of evolving life. We are a continuum–a never ending cycle that transcends even the birth and death of the universe!

Are you awake yet? Now, our consciousness is beyond the universe! We can view the entire universe just as we can view ourselves. And the meaning of this is simple yet profound! Within the continuum, there is a constant feedback mechanism that promotes growth: Perception. All we have to do as humans is to honor and love our perceptive abilities, our intelligence, self awareness, and knowledge. We see beyond the positives and negatives in life and honor and love our lessons. This becomes something greater than us. We are perceiving for the universe. We are components of a living body, just like cells. Our purpose is to perceive and build upon or lessons as the universe grows. Perhaps this is the very reason why the universe experiences never-ending expansion. Like us, a mind once stretched to new dimensions can never return to the way it was.

Right here, right now, are you already feeling better about your whole outlook on life, knowing that every bit of the universe is in you just as much as you are in the universe, and we are all one infinite expression of love? Aww yea…

I know who you really are. Namaste, my friend.

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