The Spark of Life

The spark of life is still one of the greatest mysteries of science. The building blocks are all there, forming from a primordial goo on an early Earth. We’ve figured out how cellular life started, but the mystery of the first spark of life still remains. 

One-celled organisms may have started in a hot soup with lots of pyrite crystals providing electrons–is that the spark, or is there more? Organisms had to adapt to changing conditions as the planet cooled. The only thing that’s constant is change! Life is dynamic. And that energy is the very force that drives change in your DNA. There’s an unseen energy your cells respond to, signaling your epigenome to swith your genes on and off selectively. This is your evolution on a physical level. And it’s driven by your environment. Is this energy one and the same with the energy that chemicals responded to when life formed? Because that would mean this energy is everywhere. And that means we can observe it. 

This energy is ever-present everywhere, like a field of energy. 

This is what the this field does. It carries a charge (like electricity). And space is the conductor. So all kinds of other energies are possible in fields of energy. The universe itself is a field. Electrons are fields. Your mind is a field. It is the thoughts you generate that exist beyond the physical body. The brain stores your thoughts, yes. But there’s much more to who you are! 

All of these fields of energy are active work you right now. 

Every single cell responds to the energy of your environment. You, my dear, are the spark! You have come from beyond the physical to take form, manifesting every atom in every cell to come alive. And your cells are constantly cycling themselves. They die and your body regenerates new ones all the time. You are not who you used to be. Ever! Every day you start over. Every day is a fresh start. 

And you get to observe it. 

Another miracle of the spark is that your eyes have evolved in such a way to see the beauty in things. Wondrous landscapes, dazzling skies, and shimmering waters with beautiful rainbows everywhere! All for your eyes to see. That’s the power of evolution. On a cellular level, you get to decide how to perceive things. And on a self-aware level, this is the same. Everything you take in from your energetic field is just as unique as you are! Because you customize the input for your own personal journey. We each walk out own path and take information in differently. We each see the world around us in our own ways. 

Therein you can find the meaning. You actively co-create your surroundings while simultaneously observing the raw beauty and evolving from the environment you create! In your purest form, when all else is stripped away to your very core, you are your consciousness. Your consciousness taps into every level of the physical universe and beyond. It’s easy mite than your self-awareness. It’s more than your subconscious. It’s timeless. Eternal. Love and bliss. And most importantly, your consciousness allows you to observe all that is. This observation gives you the power to control your surroundings, and then your cells in physical form respond to the energy of your surroundings–the energy you’ve created! 

And so I ask, where is the spark of life? It is, was, and always has been in your heart, dear one. The power is within! 


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