The Three Trees of Life

To science effectively, a good communicator engages the audience. S/he speaks into the people's understanding. And one of the single most effective methods of communicating uses analogies. This allows you to relate the concepts to any audience.

We should also consider that some may take the analogy literally. This may have been the case when we examine ancient texts. However, we must also understand that everyone always does the best with the resources they have at the time. And ancient texts offer a glimpse into the understanding of the people who lived thousands of years before us. We're re-learning some of the concepts. In this process, we learn about ourselves and our ability to comprehend. That in itself is a gift.

One of the earliest analogies used to teach people is that of a tree. It's still used today. The tree shows us how many branches come together into one concept. Like life. The biblical tree of life was taught by those who were the only ones at the time that could read and write. So their message was simple. The tree was basically two branches: good and evil. This represents humanity's perception of duality. And we see this reflected in other concepts we have learned since then. Positive and negative. Opposites attract, right? We learn about opposing forces. We perceive things in terms of duality. Early scholars used the tree of good and evil to show what we are capable of.


Interestingly, the symbolism utilized in the analogy may be showing us a lot more about our nature. Warning: this next part is going to blow your mind. The biblical tree shows us our roots on Earth. The fruit represents abundance. By eating the fruit, we are integrating ourselves with the consciousness of Gaia. What if it wasn't a sin? Instead, what if our presence in the beginning of modern humanity required us to find a balance, giving back what we take from Mother Earth? The "original sin" may have been representative of early values of civilization in terms of preserving the environment. A lesson we're still learning today.

And there's still more to this tree of good and evil. The snake. I've recently experienced a miracle. I held space for someone who underwent "kundalini syndrome." She described it as seeing snakes coiled at the base of her spine springing upward. After researching, i found this description to be exactly what others described. She had no prior knowledge of this either. Kundalini is an ancient term used for life force, like qi (chi) and prana. It is analogous to potential energy. The kundalini stays in a resting state at the base of the spine until one is ready for it to spring forward. Thus, the snake coming down the tree could be representative of humans taking physical form, with the life force energy coming into a resting state through the duration of our lives.

You know where else we see energy coming to a resting state? With the Higgs boson discovery, particle physicists found that this boson takes physical form just long enough to interact with another particle. In doing so, the particle goes from higher to lower energy, falling into a resting state and gaining a key physical property: mass. With mass, particles now have a way to attract others in the physical realm. Kundalini represents potential energy within us resulting from our physical form. So this shows us that we are more than just physical! There a lot more about ourselves than what we've been taught. And that's just the first tree!

The second is the tree of evolution. We've literally been trying to understand the first one for thousands of years, and then along came a new theory that changed everything about our understanding of life. Life has evolved for billions of years. Darwin started the revolution, which has been carried on to this day with better science.


Darwinian evolution is now dead. Yes, I went there. Darwin used morphology to describe his observations. This was one of the best tools available at the time. It still is in many ways, but in terms of evolution, microbiology has become the driving factor behind classification of life. And this tree of life has many branches, some of which are just growing thanks to new data.

This tree is alive! And this also shows us how new branches can emerge. As more kinds of life are discovered, this tree keeps growing. And things move around based on their DNA--not their morphology. Like life, this tree is adaptable and provides a very sound base with which to grow upon.

And since we're only beginning to see the full splendor of these magnificent trees and the depth of knowledge they offer us, it takes time to fully understand the concepts. Humanity is still struggling with good and evil. And when evolution came out, it caused a divide in perception. Creation vs. Evolution. But these are just different ways of describing the same thing. One may be focused more energetically while the other more physically. Even the advent of evolution led to the ill informed concept of survival of the fittest. Today we are discovering that survival is benefited by those that cooperate. It takes time to learn the lessons of these trees of life. Although, you can see now that the fruit is the knowledge that the tree is as adaptable to life as you are.

And ready or not, here comes the third tree! This one has implications to both the physical and nonphysical aspects of being human. If we were to draw this tree with the scientific knowledge of today, it would look like the tree of good and evil, with just two branches. This is the tree of consciousness. And with all of our scientific advances and neurological studies, we know of the conscious and subconscious mind. The conscious is the surface mind. It thinks it runs the show. The subconscious operates autonomously and drives your behaviors most of the time. This just scratches the surface!


There are even more subtle levels of consciousness that modern science has yet to discover. These are the emerging branches of superconsciousness. Our connection with spirit-the consciousness that lives beyond the lives of our replicating cellular bodies is one branch. As are energetic life forms that can exist without constraints of time and space. Yes, they exist. No, we can't explain how (yet). The next branch is the very laws of physics and the quantum realm. This is a deep level of consciousness that transmutes vibrating energy into physical particles and waves. The next branch is the information of all that is, stored within the universe itself. It has memory. And it has consciousness. The highest level is the consciousness of all that is. You tap into this every day. Just by feeling love.

Knowing that this is your highest potential is enlightenment. Living it is the expression of your divine nature. And you see clearly now how each tree of life serves a very specific purpose in your own evolution. You have energetic potential, with evolving cells and consciousness that transcends time and space. This is the beginning of something wonderful--the rest of your life. And knowing this feels great, yes?


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