The Truth about Climate Change

The truth is, climate change is very poorly understood. There’s plenty of evidence that points to human activity affecting it. Isotopes never lie. And the age of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere started getting a lot older at the beginning of our industrial age. Precisely as old as fossil fuels.

The problem is that we still have little understanding of the effects of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. I know, it sure sounds like people do. There is a lot of social conditioning around this. It’s the go to if you wanna draw up scary scenarios. That and asteroids.

Fear intimidates people, getting their attention. The press loves it too. Lots of ad revenue. So there’s a whole system attached to the study of climate change, and you’d better keep producing results that’ll get you attention and money. Step out of line and you can get blacklisted from publications.

As a result there’s some bad science out there.

People are spreading the message on the internet that we’ve passed the point where planting trees can make a difference with atmospheric carbon dioxide. Bullshit! A new study showed that plants are evolving in terms of how efficiently they uptake carbon dioxide. And trees aren’t really a deal-breaker anyway. They occupy just a fraction of land, and land is just a fraction of Earth’s surface. Ocean life absorbs the most. And it evolves too. When oceans rise, continental shelf life increases as the Earth naturally goes through her cycles. Earth’s been through heating and cooling cycles before. Lots of em. Some were probably caused by greenhouse gases. Unless they weren’t…

Even the greenhouse effect is misunderstood. It’s been demonstrated in small-scale lab experiments that with a lot of carbon dioxide, the greenhouse effect reflects heat inwards. But planet-scale is another story.

Curiosity just found data contrary to everything we know about carbon dioxide’s greenhouse effect. Mars once had a plentitude of water and much warmer temperatures. Atmospheric carbon dioxide was thought to be very high in order to trap the heat. It wasn’t. It was pretty much non-existent. Young Mars was warm from something else.

Here we have lots of other compounds that reflect heat. Carbon dioxide is actually the least effective compared to methane, water, or other man-made chemicals. Man-made ones are worse, but good ol carbon dioxide is easier to trace.

And it’s only half the story.

Carbon dioxide is produced when fuel is burned. But what everybody forgot was that HEAT is released. The greenhouse effect is secondary.

Carbon dioxide has distracted us from being able to see the entire process–the big picture. But it’s been trying to tell us this whole time! Heat increases with carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide comes from fossil fuel. Burning fossil fuel is heating up the planet right now. No hybrid’s gonna save the day, and electrical grids get most of their power from guess what?

Climate change is real, even if it’s misunderstood. The solution isn’t restricting carbon emissions. It’s stop heating up the planet. We gotta break our addiction to burning fossil fuels. Let Earth heal herself the way she knows best.

And after all, humans are still evolving too. We respond to our environment. The planet is changing, so we can adapt–not only to survive–to thrive. Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.


And please… Nobody’s manipulating the weather to make stronger hurricanes. Warmer water is what fuels them. Nature’s not a conspiracy.

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