The Truth That Shocked The Universe

What if there was one thing everywhere in the universe so strong and powerful that it is an absolute truth? Maybe even more prominent than the laws of physics. Which by the way, don't work in a singularity. But the universe is a singularity. What's its secret? What if there was one property of a singularity that we haven't discovered yet, simply because we can only see what's on the outside?

Welcome to the perception connection! When we use our eyes to look at the skies, we're looking through the fishbowl. So we invent telescopes and technology to see the observable universe. And peer as far back in time toward the beginning as we can. Because that's where the truth is found. We're looking back into a singularity. Pretty amazeballs if you ask me. And we just took our first glimpse ever into a black hole using the highest resolution image ever taken. Now we're going further. We're going beyond the distance our eyes can see even with our technology. This is going to open up our third eye like never before...





Imagine just being still. Think about what you are. Your body is made of cells. Every cell has DNA. Proteins are constantly at work rebuilding. Within each molecule are atoms forged by stars. Every atom is composed of subatomic particles from the early universe's primordial soup. And every single particle is just a bundle of vibrating energy. You are this energy experiencing yourself exponentially. That is life. Life is an expression if the basic building blocks of the universe.

Ready to go further? Every spark of energy are bits of information, programming our existence. This makes it all possible. Consciousness is executing the program and your mind is receiving its output. This information becomes filtered in your mind, which is why you see reality exactly the way you do. Just as unique as you are! Now, ask yourself why you are experiencing yourself in this way. How does the universe learn about itself through you? This is where it gets good!

You see, the universe had to separate first for all of this to happen. This is why the Big Bang happens. And it's really happening all the time. Because all possibilities exist. You are no longer on the outside looking in though. Now you're inside, seeing each particle separated from the source forming into a rainbow of particles and energies. And just as soon as you notice that each is unique in it position in space, you see a miracle. Everything has attraction. This is the love of the universe. It is something you feel in all things in and around you right now in this brand new moment. And knowing that every moment is brand new, you can put together a timeline of succession of infinite moments of attraction. Yes, love is everywhere!

So, the universe had to appear to separate from its singularity state so it could create love. That's the miracle of this moment right here and now! The illusion of separation of everything within this vast universe you perceive simply allows you to experience this love in and around all things right now in this brand new moment. And it feels good knowing this, doesn't it? It's an illusion because you are this universe. You are the consciousness programming the way you see things from your own eyes! You are the connectedness of everything, as every single individual particle is simply a manifestation of the universe's singularity as a whole! One singularity produces infinite possibilities, and you my friend, are making that happen. You aren't just the universe experiencing itself. You are loving yourself, and by doing so, attracting everything in your life right here and now to allow all of your lessons to unfold perfectly, exactly as they are. And you are perfect, exactly as you are! You. Are. Beautiful.

Thank you for reading! It is done. It is done. It is done.

Love the universe you're in


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