The Twin Flame Connection

Hi my name’s David! I turned the scientific knowledge of the universe on its end by proposing the big picture of the universe – the Omniverse. Now I’m tackling the world of spirituality and exposing the truth – the real truth – using lessons I learned from the Omniverse. Just think of me as a being of pure love sent to this planet as a messenger of the truth (because I am)!

We all have something in common in this lifetime. We all seek out love! In order to do so, many like me seek to find it within. When I did, I realized that I never needed to find it. Love is something within us all. Pure love! It does not need to be sought out. It just is. For others to love me, I need not do anything but stay exactly who I am and trust in divine timing. Perhaps this is why my personal development has focused on book and blog writing and playing music. Lots of music! But this is a good lesson, because when you trust in the divine, you trust in the self – these are one in the same because YOU are the intelligent divine. What happens next is all about manifesting.


And here’s where it gets good! You see, as the intelligent divine, when you awaken to the true potential of the infinite possibilities within, you become the creator of your reality. Don’t get me wrong, what I mean is that you are creating your universe! This is attraction at its finest! Your universe is created with what you manifest, and that is done by setting positive intentions with the feeling of already having something, and gratitude of it being done. Simply feel loved and be thankful! And when you do this, you find yourself giving love. This is the cycle of creation. And the science of it will astound you! When you align your infinite potential with love, the parallel universes align. You can close off your old universe and enter a new one where your intention is the new reality! This is how we manifest, baby!

Parallel universes are opened and closed at will throughout our lives. It’s not a process that the human brain recognizes. We never see the difference. We just notice how things change. And they change for the better or worse depending on what we manifest. Our self talk is the most important part of this. If you ask ‘why me’ questions, you keep getting the same outcome. If you love yourself and others, you get love in return. For some, this process can be instantaneous. For others, it can take time. As told by Michael Bernard Beckwith, “infinite patience yields instant results.” Trust in the divine as you let go of your own blocks to this natural process.

Now here’s where I am going to shake things up (if I haven’t already). In the spiritual community, we have lots of names for relationships. Soul mates, soul friends, soul families, and even twin flames. On a soullular level, these are people “meant to” cross paths, and we do in parallel (past, present, and future) lives. The twin flame is something sought by many following the spiritual path. Many believe that twin flames are destined to be together. But I will tell you that destiny is what you make of it. Remember how I said the divine is within? You create this path! When your universes align, you create a new one. This path is not a snapshot in time, or a fixed path. It is what you make of it. You create reality and have the power to change destiny! You create your twin flame as you rewrite destiny!

Here’s another way to shake things up in the spiritual arena. There are people that are predators disguised as spiritual individuals and/or psychic mediums. That doesn’t mean they’re not talented or gifted spiritually. But they will take your money, or even the one you love, just to get ahead. Remember one thing: You are love! You don’t need to give money – or energy in any sort – to people who promise to help you find a soul mate or twin flame. All they can do is look for a snapshot of what you are desiring at the time. You have the power not only to change what you manifest, but also to make it happen. Just remember you have the power. You can create. You are the universe after all, and you are constantly realigning infinite parallels with unlimited possibilities. So create something beautiful within yourself. All you have to do is love!

Thank you for reading!!! I am grateful for all of the likes and shares!


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