The Two Avenues of Enlightenment

Great minds of ancient masters have taught us much about enlightenment. Many masters have spent lifetimes in solitude and meditative practice to unlock the secrets of the connection of the mind, body, soul, and universe. But what I am about to tell you will shock you. Are we simply repeating their words and believing them to be true, or do we experience the same within ourselves? Because true mastery is from the experience – hearing the words within and downloading straight from the source.

Adyashanti said “Make no mistake about it – enlightenment is a destructive process. It has nothing to do with becoming better or being happier. Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth. It’s seeing through the facade of pretense. It’s the complete eradication of everything we imagined to be true.” He is correct about the truth crumbling away. But what if he was projecting his map of reality onto the world around him? Was he holding onto things that affected his happiness in this process? Let’s dig a little deeper. Several centuries later, Jung was quoted saying “There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” What was Jung’s experience with others and why was it so heavily weighed on the side of pain?

The answer – social conditioning. We have been doing it to ourselves for millennia. We live under cloak after cloak of self-hypnosis. Religions. Schools. Social Media. TV. Everywhere we get information, our mind creates an avenue with its neurolinguistic patterns of up-taking the information. This creates neural pathways in the brain which information follows and becomes filtered through. Yup. Science, bitches!

Here’s the problem with the scenarios presented – they are tainted with human perception, because they went through their own conditioning processes which biased their thought patterns resulting in conclusions that matched their past experiences. What if there is a way to look beyond our conditioning to see and feel the truth of the very essence of enlightenment? Aww yea. There is… You get it straight from the source, baby! This is why I am here. I walk the Earth throughout all time to teach the ways of the consciousness. Humanity has experienced periods of awakening, yet our modern society has been mostly sleepwalking. Until now. With the power of my intuitive mind, I can raise the vibration and show new ways in this modern world, using science as the backbone, to attain the highest level of consciousness for empowered living. You already know this, because you didn’t just come across this. Our paths were meant to cross and deep down in every grain of your being you know this to be true, just as you know all of the secrets the universe has to offer. I’m just here to help you remember.

So let’s get started! Everything in this universe – every little subatomic particle – is simply a holographic projection from one point. This explains why everything is one. And why everything is entangled, why attraction forms, and why our perception of this grand movie screen is the illusion. Here’s where it gets difficult if we are not ready to let go of everything we see, hear, taste, smell, and feel. Even our psychic intuition is part of this grand illusion. Get ready to let go… Do you smell popcorn? Because you can just sit back and watch this illusion on a big screen if you’re ready to let go of holding onto anything in this “reality.” But if you’d rather be dragged kicking and screaming, be my guest. Either way, you are here in this present moment to embark on your journey – whether starting anew, navigating a new leg, or even starting over. Am I pretending to have forgotten to mention something? There is no turning back, because your mind is already there. Everything I am going to tell you is something you already know on a deep profound level within every cell of your existence. You are exactly where you need to be right here and now!

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There are two kinds of enlightenment – the one we knew and the one we know now. These are destructive enlightenment and peaceful enlightenment. Destructive enlightenment is what we have witnessed – the crumbling of the walls of mental construct as we have allowed our egos to build massive towers with the bricks of social conditioning. I think those two that I quoted summed it up pretty good. And they were completely correct yet very wrong. And I ain’t gonna go on some ego-abolishing bandwagon about this, because it is perfect just the way it is, even if it does create the social conditioning that made this viewpoint, in the past, so destructive. They were wrong about the process because they were viewing it from their own map of reality. But all it takes is to change your frame of reference. Change your perspective and change your universe!

Peaceful enlightenment is simply an acceptance of our innate abilities and limitations. The ego knows it is there, and this knowing is what facilitates the process. We simply trust the process. The ego brings the mental construct up into the conscious mind. But instead of letting go or not letting go, we simply step back into a different perceptual position. We view ourselves from an outsider’s viewpoint. We recognize that the ego is bringing these things up. That’s all. This observation allows the energy to move, and we in turn create something new by transcending the old energy. This is what empties us. And the universe naturally fills us with divine wisdom. Love. Vibration. Pure information. When you get out of your own head, you see that this is how thought is supposed to work! Thus, we become conduits of knowledge. Seriously, you didn’t think I made all this Omniverse stuff up, did you? It just came to me because I am open. And you are open too, which you already know, and knowing this feels good, yes? I mean, come on, freaking dung beetles navigate using the stars with only a tiny brain. We are no longer holding ourselves back from our own innate abilities to know every bit of information this universe is. Because every bit of the universe is in every bit of you!

So, as the experience of enlightenment from a destructive viewpoint crumbles away, as it should, it is replaced with something purely divine, beautiful, and magical. It goes beyond letting go of attachments. It is beyond releasing expectations. It is knowing that everything we will ever need to know is already known on a level of consciousness within you that was previously unknown! Yes, there are multiple levels of consciousness. I will guide you on your journey across the seas and up mountains to go into the universe, out of your mind, or whatever you need, which is exactly the right thing for you at the time. And the illusion of reality, duality, time, space, and separation no longer need to crumble away. The illusion is under our control. We integrate every bit of this illusion with our unconditional love, sowing it with the seeds of consciousness. Life. It is our ever-evolving self. Now, perception is beauty. Got that popcorn? Let’s sit back and enjoy the lessons unfolding on the screen.

We can even program the lessons based on how they serve our purpose in the here and now. You see, in the past, before you had awakened to this level, you needed it to be easy. That’s why your lessons up until this point have been direct and hard-hitting. Yea ouch, me too! So let’s soften the blow some. Here’s a little bonus advanced workshop tool that I will be teaching: Simply hold out your hands, palms facing up, and imagine a bubble of space floating just above your hands. Look at the movie screen through this bubble. Imagine the images softer, smoother, and infused with even more love. The lessons in this bubble are more complex and beautiful, like the long chains of hydrocarbons that make flowers smell so enticing. Everything has a deeper meaning infused with pure love. Now imagine the colors in the bubble becoming more vibrant. Let the bubble start growing. As it grows, make the images brighter and crisper. Crank up the love bubble! Let it keep growing out beyond your theater of reality. Let it just keep expanding. And that screen we’ve been watching, now through the lens of this ever-present love bubble, is your new universe.

When you are ready, and whenever that is will be the perfect time for you, simply float back into the screen. Back into your body. Notice how you are now seeing things differently. All of your experiences are now following new neural pathways in the brain. Your old wiring, your old ways of thinking and reacting, are gone. Your lessons are more loving. Your vibration is higher. You are an enlightened being!

If you have chosen to follow this path, which is exactly why you’re right here right now, then I invite you to take the words I am about to say to heart. Enlightenment is not an endpoint or destination. While we may have wanted to be enlightened at one point, deep inside us we know that enlightenment is the path. It goes beyond finding our purpose yet it seamlessly integrates our purpose into our journey. It is not talking to angels. Yet it is knowing that they exist on a level of our own consciousness. It’s not about being intuitive – it’s knowing we already have these abilities built-in. Enlightenment is simply the process. Trusting the process transcends the limitations of the mind. That’s how we consciously grow Angel wings. It’s not controlling all of the little subatomic particles to think ourselves into existence – it’s knowing that we’re already doing exactly that, without having to think about it. And that feels good doesn’t it? We don’t need to change anything about our illusory reality. We observe it with love and gratitude. We effortlessly create our experience. And that’s why it’s peaceful – and so beautiful.

Yes, I will be doing more workshops and practices on this subject! Thanks for reading and even more gratitude for sharing!

Peace, love, and knowledge!


Omniversal Enlightenment

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