The Ultimate Loophole

What if there is a loophole right here and now, so powerful that it is like stumbling into an infinite existence of pure love? All the love you need and all the love you can give? Loopholes aren't just for tax evaders. They exist everywhere! They are portals to infinite possibilities. And if you're like me, ready to let go of the past and embrace a new reality we're calling forth into the now, this loophole is for you. First and foremost...


You ARE the love you desire. 

Embody this within and love yourself. Thank yourself for your past lessons, as they have served their purpose up until now. Find all the parts of you that you maybe haven't loved as much in the past and love then up even more! For everything you need, you will find the answers within. This isn't just a saying. This shit's real. 

When you love yourself so much so, your energy increases as you attract even more of the good stuff. This is how the universe works. The way humans experience the feeling of love is the same as the underlying force of all that is--attraction. The universe had to come apart for all of its pieces to come back together, one-by-one. Every particle exhibits properties that allow it to attract others to grow and evolve. And they've grown and evolved into YOU. Yes, you are the evolution of the universe. And sometimes you had to fall apart so you could come back together. You are the proof that all the pieces of the universe are coming back together. 

Everything is happening right now for you as you continue to grow and evolve. Unless you miss it. You see, there's people out there focused on all of the negativity. At this time with less than a week to go in 2016, people are having a field day talking about how bad this year was and how great next year will be. And they want you to think the same way! This is not being present. It's being brainwashed. It's focusing on things in the past you cannot control and things in the future that don't even exist. And this behavior is exactly what pushes away from what these people are desiring. But you know better. 

Just be present. 

You don't have to think about being present, just be in the moment. Focus on your self love within in each and every brand new moment. 

Here's the loophole: While you focus within, you find that everything actually is external. The reason we go within is to tap into the power of all that is. Once there, you can manifest your desires. But you will find truths even more powerful. You will dissolve in the field of infinite knowledge, so much so that your identity no longer matters. Because you are more than your identity. 

The external is the information contained in infinite possibilities that you could not perceive in the past because you weren't ready yet. But it's always been there. Waiting for you to open up. The external is the environment you give yourself--the energy that stimulates your cells to evolve. It is the reflection from within. And when you are there, you will have a complete identity swap. 

This is the ultimate loophole. 

YOU get to step into yourself as a brand new YOU. A more evolved version of you. A timeless you. An even more loving you. And isn't that what it's really all about? Love yourself more so you can love everything else even more. Accept the past as it was as you usher in a new reality of timeless love into the now. Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done. 


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