The Universal Brain

It may come as a surprise to many, yet others already know the universe’s secrets.  Here’s one that blows the doors off of what we understand about consciousness.  The universe and the brain are essentially the same.  The universe may seem larger, but it is a fractal repeating pattern.  What this means is this: as above, so below.  A fractal repeats itself in an infinite pattern.  We are not only part of the pattern, but we are the living proof of the process.


Image: large-scale dark-matter simulation (Bolshoi simulation, by Anatoly Klypin and Joel Primack).

Take a look at the most recent findings in the universe today.  For the first time, the cosmic web was observed (  This web consists of filaments of gas clouds that connect distant galaxies throughout the universe.  Think space is empty?  Think again!  This cosmic web has gone from being theorized to being observed.  Everything is in space – particles interchanging energies everywhere.  Where else might one expect to find this?  You guessed it, the brain!  We are made up of molecules with vast space between them.  The human body is 98% space!  Within the vast cellular structure of the brain, there is a massive neural network that send signals pulsing throughout the many folds of brain tissue.  The kicker – the neural network of our brains mimic the cosmic web we just discovered!  The universe is a thinking organism, or part of something even bigger!


Image: 3D map of the brain in 20-micron slices, from Discover Magazine

That something bigger is the Omniverse.  It is where the universe came from, as if it were just a thought in one’s mind that flourished into a beautiful new creation – the Big Bang.  Just as our brains form thoughts and perceptions, the Omniverse is the creator of the universe.  In fact, the universe actually occurs as a field around the Omniverse’s central source object!  Our own mind is one and the same with this concept.  Thoughts are the nonphysical things produced by the brain, measured outside in the form of brainwaves.  Emotions can be felt by others without seeing a face.  The mind s a compilation of thoughts, emotions, perceptions, and higher consciousness levels (that’s right, multiple levels – this is what my next book is about).  The mind exists as a field outside of the brain.  The brain is simply a receiver that picks up on this signal and tunes in to a specific frequency – you!  Even an atom attracts its own electron field that exists outside of its nucleus.  As above, so below!

So the neural network mimics the cosmic web, and the mind exists as a field just like an electron field around an atom or the universal field around the source.  Well, it just keeps getting better!  Enter the holographic universe.  Most research today is supporting the theory that the universe is actually a multidimensional holographic projection.  And I found that the Omniverse model not only supports this, but provides a geometric framework for how it happens.  The source is a white hole.  Nothing can go back in once ejected, so the Big Bang happens at its event horizon.  This is a warped surface outside of the source from which the hologram is projected out into space!  This is the ancient principle of maya, the illusion.  Everything comes back to how we perceive within the projection.  And here’s why:  The brain is hard-wired to act just like a hologram also.  The neural network stores information in such a way that one bit is stored across the surface area of the entire brain.  The brain is a hologram, just like the universe!

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Thank you for reading, and remember – the universe isn’t ending.  Only the way we think about it is!


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