The Universe Is a Conspiracy to Love Yourself

I’ve got news for you. If you think that you’ve figured out the conspiracies and realized that governments, banks, and religions are mechanisms of control, you have awakened to a new level of awareness. You may see others as sleepers or “in the matrix.” You see beyond the mechanisms of propaganda, misinformation, and control. But you’re not awake yet… 

You’re not awake until you can see beyond the conspiracies and the control. Those are symptoms. Just like using drugs to treat the symptom rather than the root cause, your using your intellect to treat the symptom and not going deep enough to find the root cause. And that’s a damn good thing! Because you always have room to grow and expand. Yes, always. 

Here’s your next level of awakening: 

Every act, no matter how bad it seems, has a highest intent. And every person committing any act is seeking a means to achieve that highest intent. What they don’t know is that there may be better ways to achieve the highest intent. They might be closed off to guidance. They might be so conditioned by their own way of thinking that they see no other way. 

Your job is to love them anyway. 

You are going to see through every action to realize what the highest intent is and love them for trying to achieve it! Because this is giving you the ability to love unconditionally. And then automatically, negative programs like conspiracy theories are replaced in your mind with positive programs like the universal definition of unconditional love. It’s living the lessons without judgment. Without duality. Without attachment. It’s forgiving those who may have caused harm AND thanking them for the opportunity for you to forgive

And then you’re going to awaken again. I’m only speaking from the level at which I am able to at this time. There is no endpoint. There is no person who is fully awakened. Because awakening is our journey. How you do it is completely up to you! Just know that this journey is your path of evolution. 

This path is full of twists and turns, each opening portals into parallel universes aligned with the possibilities you’re attracting. And every time you level up, you’re awakening to a new level. 

There are multiple levels. 

The universe isn’t just an illusion–it’s a holographic projection from a single point, yes, and it’s all connected. It is all consciousness. And it’s awakening through you. But there are multiple levels. It’s like Inception. The illusion is your dream state, and you go further into other dream states as you are conditioned by your environment and the way you choose to live. We all hypnotize ourselves. And layer-by-layer, you peel away through your inception, getting closer to each level of your waking states. 

The illusion is a dream. 

It’s not so much about waking from the dream as it is about controlling the dream. Ever have a lucid dreaming experience? You can control your dream. You can control reality. That’s really what reality is. You are experiencing lucid dream states within the illusion that is the holographic projection of consciousness in and through all things! 

If you’re solely focused on awakening, you’re missing something spectacular… Because your job is to love. In doing so, you become the guide for others. One-by-one, the world becomes awakened through your love, guidance, and the example you set. You create a better environment for those around you. And through generations, this environment is the energy by which people evolve. Just like a plant growing to the light, humanity evolves to a loving environment. Thanks to you. 

So take this message as an invitation. 

You are invited to become a better version of yourself every single day. You can see through the conspiracies and mechanisms of control. And you can see that freedom is within. There is no other conspiracy except to love. After all, the illusion of reality is but a conspiracy to love yourself, bringing all of the pieces of the youniverse back together. 

The conspiracies, the control, and even every single malevolent act all serve a higher purpose: To awaken humanity. To get there, you must first recognize how you’ve allowed the “news” to affect you. What biases are present that weighed in the favor of accepting data supporting certain facts? How would you see things if bias was not present? How would you not see things if this bias was not present? Just let that sink in…

Join the revolution. 

It is a revolution of consciousness hundreds of thousands of years in the making. More and more, people are finding freedom within. Truth within. Love within. It’s not just shamans and sages. This is for all. But for the organizations fighting for control–they’re losing control. And the same goes for those resisting control. They’re fighting themselves with their own beliefs led by anger and the illusion of lack. 

You have everything you need within. It is your choice ultimately how you decide to perceive the world around you. And that in turn creates and shapes your reality. So if you come from a lack mindset, know that lack is what you’re attracting. If you’re resisting, it’s persisting. If you’re blaming, you’re making yourself the victim. If you’re defending, you’re inviting attack

When you see these values in yourself, you not only awaken from this conditioning, you see that the “others” are acting from these values, attracting exactly the results we’ve been getting on Earth: war, poverty, and destruction of the environment. Now, what are the values? Profit? What’s the highest intent? To feed people’s families and to feed the world. Sometimes even to create secret societies to survive holocaust and reseed humanity. In other words, to grow and evolve. 

You’re invited to embody the values grow and evolve within, and then see how you see the world. Awaken beyond the conspiracy mindset and you’ll no longer see anyone as sleepers. You’ll see them as beautiful souls at the beginning of their path of awakening. You’ll love them unconditionally, setting the example by which they can grow towards, and you’ll be there to guide them. All without judgment, expectation, or attachment. But you’ll still awaken on your own time, not only intellectually, but as an embodiment of the love you give. Be ready for what’s next…


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